Saturday, May 28, 2016


Good Morning!

default mode of County planners: when in doubt, roundabout

we have no roundabouts in Carpinteria because we don't need no stinking roundabouts in Carpinteria..but leave it to some idiot in the SB County Planning Dept to suggest a roundabout for Santa Claus Lane...this lane is less than a mile long but the planner thinks a roundabout is needed at the east end..the south end actually as you get on the freeway...

this is a really stupid idea..but considering all the stupid ideas the county has for the Lane, I'm not surprised...

first of all they want to make it safer on the lane but there's no evidence it is unsafe on Santa Claus Lane so why do they want it safer unless they are playing nanny...

secondly, they are building TOO MUCH with the new condo market place thing they shoehorned in..and they want MORE parking spaces!!

Santa Claus Lane history is agriculture..was an old lima bean field..then the brilliant Santa Claus theme during the car crazy era of the 1940s and 1950s

date shakes, sunflowers and coastal ag is where it's at and we got lots here with the flower growers and avocado anches...but if they start filling this area with wine tastings places and breweries, there's gonna be trouble I don't give a shit if millennials (God Love 'Em but they are aliens!) like craft beer...the only diff between craft beer and Bud or Coors is that Bud and Coors is mass-produced and craft beer is can inject citrus flavor into a Bud, repackage it and you got craft beer with a citrusy tongue or whatever they call it...and the bottles always end up on the side of the road...


these kids have been duped by the Firestones and their stinky breweries!! Firestone Ale? fuck that shit...San Miguel!!

no..not here..I won't put up with this trendy nonsense..


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