Friday, May 20, 2016

Sunny Afternoon

I got a big fat mama trying to break me

ok so Texas conservatives hate California...Bush, Enron and Plains All American Pipeline...all conspired to harm the golden state...why? San Francisco I guess is too liberal for some Texicans...

so I see Plains All American is being sued by everyone for the Refugio oil spill last year...Plains is culpable because their pipeline was corroded to the point of springing a leak which turned into a big ass spill..on shore, then off shore fouling the coast line from Gaviota to ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

so I'm watching the news and KEYT has some good coverage...they are on top of it..they got a line on it...

but I see some old familiar faces of "environmentalists" standing in front of the cameras at the news conference...there's Princess Kira from SB Channelkeepers and that weird gal from the Environmental Defense Center... now if these two nonprofits were effective at protectiong the environment, why did they allow Plains Oil to spill and kill all those poor sea birds and sea lions and seals and so forth? Princess Kira likes to sue gov't agencies to keep her lawyers rich and so she can buy boats and keep her fat girlfriends supplied with cheeseburgers...but if the ciy sewer line spills a few gallons you can be sure that Princess will be at the city council meeting threatening a lawsuit and demanding money...for cheeseburgers for the fat chick

so the question is why don't these environmental nonprofits really do the hard work to actually protect the environment? why weren't they monitoring the PRIVATE oil lines that transport oil so close to the ocean? because it's easier to get money from the city taxpayers than from a private entity maybe...

well I think that Channelkeeper and EDC are pretty worthless...wannabe environmentalists, posers, and hacks..nonprofits whose only real concern is gathering donor and taxpayer money to perpetuate their uselessness..I would never send these bozos even a dime because it would only go to feed the big fat gal more cheeseburgers!! haha

but there they were in front of the camera a year AFTER THE FACT, saying they will be monitoring the coast..

but oh I feel so much better now that Princess, Channelkeeper and that fat blubbery chick, stuffing her big fat face with cheesburgers, will be monitoring the coast..


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