Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pick Up The Pieces

ah huh

pickup truck drivers are not generally drunk redneck hillbillies...some of us are poets, philosophers, writers, plumbers, plainsmen, road warriors..or guitar pickers adrift in the sea of life


but a few pickup truck drivers were recently involved in crashes that did some damage...and alcohol was involved (allegedly but we know that means the guys were drunk if you see the pictures)

if you get busted for DUI it doesn't mean you were DUI, just that cops had reasonable suspicion to pull you over and determine if you are drunk...the cops used to pull people over BEFORE they plowed into a tree, a house or knocked someone down and killed them..but now, we have to wait until the drunk hits someone or something...

did this change when Cam Sanchez left? the conservatives were upset that the cops were treating drunks unfairly?

possible the booze lobby in town pitched in to keep the cops focused on homeless folks instead of drunk drivers..and the News-Press and Peter Lance didn't help either with their cuckoo "expose" of the SB cops which was just a nonsensical hack job becasue ol' Pete got busted in 2011 and blamed the cops

ok but people are still drinking and driving and the Mesa is getting lots of incidents...are there some new bars or dives up there in Never Never land?

well the craft beer fad is still going on as new breweries appear on every corner now..and wine tasting fad encourages you to stop and taste wine in the middle of the day... and some people will never give up hard's the alcohol culture...lots of alcoholics out there... still driving

the distillers and breweries and pro-drinking media like the News-Press and Independent got weak people by the balls and when the weaklings drive drunk the taxpayer cleans up the mess and pays for it too!

does that sound fair??

we need a booze calamity tax


spitfire squid said...

Ah, Mick. Adrift in the sea of life can be really relaxing. And the bubbly way down here is rarely harmful. By the way, my pal Inky says hello.

Mick Von Caw said...

Squid don't look now but you got crabs!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to learn the number of establishments selling -- or having the license to sell -- liquor along the South Coast. Wonder how we compare to other cities and regions.