Wednesday, May 11, 2016


you may find my window but you won't find me

the drought in my estimation is bringing out people who live in alternate universes..out they come, they spew incomprehensible illogical conclusions...the main players are the hippie pot head from LA and that Fedora-wearing dude who thinks terrorists are hiding at Mission and State, battling over a marijuana dispensary (head shop) on Milpas..

having been here since the 60s, I know pot is everywhere..esp on Mountain Drive they had these big pot gardens and everyone was high except me....I had a band called Backwash and we practiced up there but I was not a pothead, I was a drunk...took too much energy to sit there, get high and stone out for a few can get robbed that way!! so I left the band to become a folksinger..a drunk folksinger

getting high just delays the needed adjustments one must consider and I needed a semi-clear head to face all this day to day bullshit decisions like which song to sing while I was drinking beer

now once I did get high (16 years old) and the joint must've been dipped in Mescalito or some gal's pussy cause I was hearing little bells and chimes and birds chirping and seeing stars for an hour..and Mickey Newbury was singing "Sunshine" on the radio..god I love that song

but I don't have to be high to listen to music because music makes me high

I did have an open mind about marijuana being used for medicinal purposes mainly due to reading too many Carlos Casteneda books..

that dude needed peyote for everything!! what reality was he looking at??

a separate reality

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