Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bird Dog

hey bird dog get away from my quail, hey bird dog you're on the wrong trail

well I see we habbanother story of hikers and a dog getting lost  in the back lost they needed the County chopper to come rescue them..the dog was airlifted out and ..heheheeh.. I can't even type I'm laughing too much but the dog supposedly had a leg injury although he looked fine to me on the news..probably got bit by a bee and the owners panicked

geez...coyotes don't have issues in the back country what is it with these wussie dogs and their wussie owners???

ok so speaking of dogs... I'll start a nonprofit and teach people how to hike with their duh

Nice Touch, Ty!

but if you're battling for nonprofit donations, it helps to have a billionaire on your side...and it appears from the cover of the Montecito Journal that Gretchen lady from Davey's Voice has Ty Warner on her side...ouch that must smart for Julia #69 who only has Wendy for cash and the News-Press isn't exactly a profit-making machine

of course Wendy did not earn her money but Ty did even though the product was silly, Beanie Baby stuff...but that's capitalism for ya!

and the Davey dolls are cool..apparently there's an American version and Chinese version..American Davey and Chinese Davey..nice touch Ty!!!!

and boy are there tons of nonprofits..I didn't realize people were so needy!! why get handouts from the gov't when nonprofits will give you free stuff too!!

ok so I talked about K9 Pals a wee bit so let's look another dog nonprofit callled Old Yeller Ranch Rescue....

Old Yeller was a Disney movie about a dog who died in the end...I watched it as kid but thought it was too sappy and much preferred Psycho..

but OYRR works out of the wine country and even holds fundraisers at wineries...see, wine and dogs are all these kooky chicks care about!

but they are pretty hot compared to the she-beest Animal Rescue gals so I guess they are legit

Wendy, I'll never forgive you for all this

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