Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Fair Share

Justice if you're still there, I must have my fair share/ Justice is a lady, lay me down with Justice in a long white gown

ok so Santa Barbara has a new Police Chief after Cam Sanchez interim chief was hired but was of no consequence... Hell, I can't even recall his name cos I'm drunk right now

but the new Chief is a woman from the San Diego Police force... I guess she's gonna commute by police helicopter from San Diego to Santa Barbara..oh wait, maybe by boat

her name is Lori Luhnow per all the reports: Ms. Luhnow said, "I am proud and honored to become a part of the Santa Barbara Police Department and community. Santa Barbara has much to offer with a long history of being one of the safest coastal communities in America.

safest coastal communities in America?? well Lori it's also the drunkest coastal community in America..I was hoping Kasi Beutel (ass-kicker of drunks) would be the new chief but I guess the liquor lobby said no

but seriously Lori, they got more alcohol-soaked events in SB than you can shake swizzel stick at and now we got a Beer Circus coming to town....a Beer Circus!!

they got Wine and Beer Festivals, Tequila festivals, drunk actresses and drunk celebrity chefs bumping into innocent drivers..they got bartenders getting mowed down by drunk drivers...they got Uber drivers raping passengers; they got homeless people screaming at wealthy white people..even San Diego has more class than Santa Barbara!

so I would not exactly call Santa Barbara the safest coastal town in America..maybe the weirdest but not the safest..although the city worker benefits are awesome...WELCOME!!!

oh and one other thing... there's News-Press owner Wendy McCuckoo you're gonna have to deal with...the cops have arrested tons of her friends for drugs and alcohol and her vendetta is branded on her shriveled right tit with a capital "V"

so if your cops arrest one of Wendy's drunk pals, don't give them a pass..hold them accountable, ok? don't be afraid they're gonna run a front page series and expose your past loves, etc...anyone who writes for the News-Press is hack....Wendy's puppet...I must have my fair share
Chief Lori, would you please open up the old child porn case against the News-Press..somehow thousands of child porn images were found on a News-Press computer and Wendy refused to take responsibility..instead she blamed a former editor who crossed her, then she blamed the previous owner of the computer...

obviously Wendy and Nipper are hiding something so I'm counting on you Chief Luhnow to finally bring some justice to those kids...I call them Wendy's kids

and can you do something about Jill?? I'm worried about her..she spends way too much time at the Bird Refuge killing's an odd obsession, but is it just?

I will have my fair share

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Anonymous said...

"Wendy's kids" Hahahah.