Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

don't stop, it'll soon be here

ok so let's analyse the election results, ok? well, they don't need analyzing, just paraphrasing..!!

so Kamala Harris beat everyone and that's good..she's smart, strong and pretty..three things I demand in my women

Trump amd Hillary won but Ben Carson was pretty close..haha

Salud trounced everyone but Justin Fareed beat Helene and Katcho! Justin has a bright political future in Israel but first he needs to get a job..even a summer job will add some creds

as far as run-offs in November..what's the point?

Das..Santa Claus Lane as it should be!

Das beat Jennifer but Jenny's showing was respectable...but I tell ya, it was CUCKOO using Lucy as campaign manager who lost again and offered up only more excuses...had Jenny called me, I would have put her in the winner's circle...but Das, don't fuck with Santa Claus Lane man or there will be trouble.. and I mean T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!
I was happy to see Joan Hartman beat Bruce Porter et al...Joan is pretty and Bruce is gray and dead-looking...really Joanie, I habba little crush on you! you got a purty mouth! classy dame

Peter Adam surprise there or up there in God's Country....bodacious cowboys, such as the Mexican who ran against Pete, will never be welcomed here

Monique Limon beat whoever and she's a pretty Latina with long shiny black hair so that's really all that matters

the News-Press endorsements were spot-off as usual...why did they even endorse Peter Adam way up in Santa Maria??

so I watched Nipper interview the weird blonde Montecito twins in the shiny wood paneled AM-1290 studios..that's where Dennis Miller does his bit on Bill O'Reilly's show...

while it has nothing to do with the elections, I thought it may highlight the California community property and  divorce laws..they need to be changed so people like Wendy, who won a big divorce settlement, can't give money to people like Nipper...

who serve no useful purpose to people like me

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