Friday, June 10, 2016

Like A Rolling Stone

how does it be on your own..with no direction home...

I don't like animal nonprofits and you know it...there may be more animal nonprofits than there are animals!!

Wayne reacts to my question about the Channel Islands slaughter

now we all know that Wendy and Nipper are big supporters of the US Humane Society with Wayne Pacelle being the Exec Director...I went to a Wayne book signing in the upper Montecito Village around 2013  and cornered Wendy and Nipper.. I asked them about former guest News-Pess opinion writer Lanny Ebenstein's pothouse issues up in Eureka...Wendy said there's no story and she treated me like a complete unknown...

Wendy and Nipper turn their backs on me!
well, here's a story know Andy Caldwell writes for your paper the News-Press, don't you? and we know that Andy is the exec-dir of COLAB in Santa Maria..and Andy's got two radio shows, one on Wendy's AM 1290..and Andy has regular guests and one guest is Katy Grimes, a member of the Truth Squad as Andy calls her...and COLAB sponsors some of her appearances

well, Katy did a story on the US Humane Society and I copied it here...funny, I don't see this anywhere in the News-Press or discussed on Andy's radio show..

Katy blasts US Humane Society and they fire back at her.. and it's a pretty good story...from July 2014

Last week I wrote about the recent revocation of the Humane Society’s charity rating by Charity Navigator. Thursday, Sacramento Humane Society lobbyist Jennifer Fearing responded.

However, Fearing did not address the primary issues in my story with the HSUS: $25.7 million of charity money in offshore investments, an IRS lawsuit against the Humane Society for inflating revenue on its tax return by writing off fundraising costs as charity, and the omitted key details from her explanation of the Ringling Bros. lawsuit which led to the charity rating revocation.

Fearing wrote:

The recent piece attacking The Humane Society of the United States (Katy Grimes, July 9) is full of inaccuracies. These invented facts come straight from the playbook of Richard Berman, a Washington-based spin doctor. Berman runs, and profits handsomely from, a shadowy web of nonprofits that are secretly funded by big corporations.

Just the facts and a few official documents

"Buried in HSUS’s latest tax return is the non-profit’s admission that it made ‘investments’ totaling $25.7 million in the ‘Central American and the Caribbean’ region, according to the 2012 IRS Form 990 for the Humane Society," I explained in my original story......

Katy Grimes is an animal lover and rescuer, vegetarian, Crunchy Conservative, a long-time political analyst, and investigative journalist.

here's another version

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) shows TV commercials of abandoned and abused cats and dogs, raising money off of the confusion that it’s a pet shelter umbrella group. (It doesn’t run a single pet shelter anywhere.) Maybe its commercials should instead show HSUS’s lawyers paying a racketeering settlement with their tails tucked between their legs.

This morning news broke that HSUS and its co-defendants, including two HSUS employees, have agreed to pay $15.75 million to settle a long-fought lawsuit filed against them under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act—a law that’s been used to go after the mob.

The suit stems from litigation that animal rights activists, including an HSUS affiliate, pursued against the owner of the Ringling Bros. circus, Feld Entertainment. In that case, activists claimed that the circus was unlawfully harming elephants in its care, and their key witness was a former Feld handler.

these stories are real eye-openers and I thank COLAB and Katy Grimes for exposing the United States Humane Society!!

(send a copy to Wendy, ok Andy?)

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