Sunday, June 19, 2016

Moonlight Mile

I got silence on my radio

so I'm reading "The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism" and figure Wendy might get a kick out of it

Montecito Menace??

then I hear there's this Indian looking guy menacing chicks in Montecito...naturally he's drunk because sober folks don't menace, they shop..and there's plenty of places to shop on Coast Village Road although no shop sells anything I would buy or consider useful...years ago when I lived there, I'd stop over at the burger joint for a sourdough burger, the best thing I've ever tasted....that was before Coast Village Road became so self-conscious and trendy... and way back when we were kids we'd go into the Coral Casino with our friends and charge big lunches to our parents, then go surf...that lasted for a few, Montecito was so much fun then the realtors, bankers and peddlers moved in..peddler being Nipper....a head full of snow

now I was provided a link to this drunken menace dude and I swear I thought Joe Walsh gave up liquor..oh that's not Joe? well, I used to deliver the News-Press to Joe up on Park Lane back in my scuffling know who else lived up there? on Buena Vista... Barbra Streisand's future husband what's his name and Burl Ives..BURL IVES!! Big Daddy! "Little Bitty Tear".... the houses were just the coolest...Burl's was a huge estate and lots of greenery and Joe's was a nice little Spanish style ranch house up on the hill yet down in a little ravine

now of course the guy who was doing the menacing was not rocker Joe Walsh... I don't know who he is but I've heard he's the village idiot and he was at a place called "Whiskey and Leather" over by the Coral Casino....I looked up some info on the store and it's boutique..another fucking boutique!! so I guess you can buy some clothes and then get drunk at the bar and even get a sandwich which for me is just too many choices....when I get drunk, I want Genuine, Double Rectified, Busthead Whiskey - Aged in the is a separate issue

then the cops were called to babysit the drunk guy but they didn't show up..well what do you can thank socialite Peter Lance and the News-Press for sucking the mojo outta the drunk driving team

so why would they show up for a stationary drunk?

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