Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Kids Are Alright

Better leave her behind with the kids are alright, The kids are alright

is Pete Townsend a pedophile like Chris Simcox and possibly Wendy and/or Nipper? well if I thought he was I wouldn't waste time trying to get WHO tickets...but I got mine after jockeying my computer, land line and cell phone in computer was worthless, I landlined Ticketmaster and the automated chick says "tell me who you want to see" so I say "The Who" and she says "sorry, did you say 'cool' " I scream at her "THE WHO"!!! then she says "I think you said "moon" I told her to "fuck off "and hung up....I'm sorry did you say "puff off"? geez

so my cell phone was the ticket although I had to pay a $20 phone convenience fee from AXS but got to talk to a real live person...BTW, thanks Wendy for inventing cell phones

now in 2003, Townsend was arrested for paying to access a child porn site but was cleared of any wrong doing or evil what happened?? certainly Pete is a brilliant musician but I don't know him personally

Following a four-month investigation, Who guitarist Pete Townshend was cleared of charges related to child pornography on May 7, 2003, after examination of his computers equipment proved there had been no downloaded images of child porn.

Townshend had been arrested on January 13 of that year, after he used a credit card to view a child porn website as part of personal research while writing his autobiography. Townshend claimed he had been sexually abused as a child himself.

"The police have unconditionally accepted that these were my motives in looking at this site and that there was no other nefarious purpose," said Townshend in an official press statement. "I accept that I was wrong to access this site and that by doing so, I broke the law." He addressed the topic further in his 2012 autobiography, ‘Who I Am.’

"I was trying to prove that credit card companies were taking money for child porn websites," he told the
Today Show in 2012. "I didn’t enter a website, I didn’t look at images. A couple of us were campaigning and we gave it up in the end because it seemed so futile."

so is this a plausible explanation? the British police did a thorough investigation and cleared Pete; the police in Santa Barbara did not do a thorough investigation as to the thousands of child porn images on the News-Press computer, so it's still an open question about Wendy and Nipper

given Pete's history of communicating thru music, I think he looks at everything to come up with a conclusion or song...that's his job..and given that he's a long-time celebrity, people are gonna believe what they want to believe....

Pete Townsend didn't get to the top by not doing things..he did what he had to do regardless of what people said or thought...he's a writer after all...

and a damn fine one

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