Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Long Time Gone

the darkest hour is always just before the dawn

syphilis is making a comeback in Santa Barbara..
syphilis! you know, women used to be virtuous but not anymore...they are slutty, they sleep around, they get drunk...some things never change!

but from now on any woman wants to have sex with me needs a clean bill of health from a certified doctor..or a nun

so I read the stories about the SOAP actress Jensen Buchanan who was allegedly drunk when she crashed her Mercedes into an oncoming car up by the Casino...also alleged is her BAC was .34...geez..her blood alcohol level was .34! that's almost a Jim Beam transfusion!

so the News-Press/Noozhawk had the stories and I didn't see Daryl's name anywhere..Jensen has two lawyers I've never heard of..and the poor gal has to wear ankle monitoring devices to make sure she doesn't drink..alcohol is very addictive and adults wearing ankle-alcohol monitoring devices would seem to indicate that

then I see David Crosby agreed to pay $3000000 to settle a lawsuit by the guy, the jogger who got hit by Crosby's Tesla... I was under the impression the sun was the cause of the accident but the story in EDHAT says the lawsuit says Crosby was drunk or high when he hit the jogger..really?

I don't get this one...there was no investigation?? highly unusual for cops not to do a DUI field test esp when someone is injured...so they just let him go until he was sued..what I can get from the Texas web is Crosby maybe lied to the police per the injured guy's attorney or the injured guy saw some rocknroll money in his future and just sued, kinda like extortion

David Crosby reaches settlement in accident with driver


Texas fans of musician David Crosby may have heard that he hit a jogger while driving his Tesla in March 2015. Although police said that Crosby was not impaired by drugs or alcohol and did not investigate further, the injured man's attorney believed that Crosby lied to police

The lawsuit alleged that Crosby had used alcohol, prescription or nonprescription drugs or some other intoxicant that resulted in using his vehicle in a way that caused injury to the man and his son.

Injuries resulting from an
auto-pedestrian accident can be devastating and life-changing. Sometimes, the insurance company does not pay a sufficient amount to cover the medical expenses and other costs incurred by the victim. However, it is often advisable to file a lawsuit against the driver responsible in such an accident even if there are no criminal charges. If criminal charges are filed and are unsuccessful, a civil suit is also possible. The difference is that in a criminal case, it is necessary for the prosecutor to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt while in a personal injury lawsuit of this nature, it is only necessary for the plaintiff to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant was negligent.


so I still don't know what happened but it appears that Crosby was sued for negligence and settled for $3 million.....he may or may not have been on prescription drugs..I doubt he was drunk as he has a new liver from bad old habits...

the moral: live a clean life and develop good habits, like nuns..

and don't drive into the sun

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