Saturday, June 25, 2016

Save The Life Of My Child

"Save the life of my child!" Cried the desperate mother. The woman from the supermarket Ran to call the cops


Chris Simcox ex-Minuteman, was found GUILTY of child molestation in Arizona...Simcox is/was friend of Minuteman cohorts child-killer Shawna Forde and racist Jim Gilchrist (get those wild Mexicans at the border!!)

Simcox and Gilchrist in titillating embrace

these three scumbags are positively pieces of shit and Gilchrist is pals with Nipper, another POS phony parasite...when Gilchrist ran for Congress in 2005 he called Simcox his "good friend": "Congressman Tancredo and my good friend, Chris Simcox, the outstanding leader of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, who is campaigning full time for me until Election Day, know my record of initiative, of leadership on these issues. They also know that the open borders lobby is aggressively and substantively supporting my opponent. Congressman Tom Tancredo knows that he can count on my whole-hearted support in Congress to ensure that our borders are finally secured and American sovereignty is protected once and for all," concluded Gilchrist.

from the web: Ex-border vigilante Chris Simcox's name now can be added to the list of infamous criminals to emerge from the Minuteman movement. On Wednesday, after deliberating for a day and a half, a Phoenix jury found the onetime anti-immigrant firebrand guilty on two counts of child molestation and one count of furnishing pornography to a minor.

prosecutors also put Simcox's adult daughter by another marriage on the stand. Linsey Randich, 33, testified that Simcox had molested her three times when she was between the ages of 10 and 14. The last incident occurred in 1998, when, she said, Simcox insisted on giving her a massage that ended with him touching her vagina.

but he'll be in prison so he can't harm any more kids....Wendy's Kids get some justice and Simcox will get some prison justice

and here's Nipper's letter to Simcox's pal Gilchrist during the "illegals" debacle in January 2015:

Dear Mr. Gilchrist:

Thank you for your comments on your website, the supportive words and the call to action.

We believe it is our obligation as a responsible newspaper to report the news using accurate words in an honest, straightforward and unbiased manner. This does not always sit well with those who use intimidation as a way to try to silence the truth.
We are committed to standing up for the truth, something we believe to be sadly lacking in much of today’s journalism.

The protesters have threatened to return later this month if the paper does not issue a retraction — something we will never do. We will not give in to the thugs who are attempting to use political correctness as a tool of censorship and a weapon to shut down this newspaper.

We believe the protesters and the vandals who defaced the paper’s historic building want to deny us our First Amendment rights. This is in keeping with the revolutionary Che Guevara, who said, "We must do away with all newspapers. A revolution cannot be accomplished with freedom of the press."

Again, thank you for your efforts to protect free speech in our country. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts. Your reassuring words will be shared with our news team.

Arthur von Wiesenberger Co-publisher
Santa Barbara News-Press

well Nipper, the News-Press already has freedom of the press- Congress shall make no law.. but the people can protest against a newspaper that exhibits racism...the people have a right to assemble and voice their concerns as they did in De La Guerra Plaza ...that is guaranteed by the Constitution

Gilchrist, Forde, Simcox and the News-Press...thick as thieves

now Nipper, about all those child porn images on the News-Press computer

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