Friday, June 3, 2016

Wishin' & Hopin'

and plannin' and dreamin'

well I got my Dusty Springfield collection..a big cool book and 4 cds covering her career as the best singer ever...and this great pic of Dusty holding a big Gibson 12- string with the Shadows behind her...GOD!! awesome...I love her!

but I had to go into Santa Barbara for some stuff and it was sunny..on the way back to Carp it was raining in Montecito and cold and foggy in Summerland...there was a traffic jam due to some roadwork on Lillie, then it dawned on me there's just too many people here...the politicians and candidates are worried and wishin' and hopin'  about widening Highway 101 yet we're running out of water! it's just crazy... the highway issue is not that important..the traffic moves just fine 99% of the time..sometimes it slows down and it will always slow down if there's too many people moving in the same direction at the same time...ever been to LA? driven on an LA freeway? ever been stuck on a six lane LA freeway??

no water, no development..BUILDING MORATORIUM NOW!!

 now I got a funny flyer in the mail about Helene and Bernie being 60s liberals and you should vote Republican...Helene and Bernie were dressed up like Je ne sais quoi...good one! but as I recall Nixon was the president who ushered in the 1970s from 1969 to 1974...I didn't think he was a bad president, just a little reckless

then on the front of the News-Press was a story about an this illegal I have no problem calling an illegal because he is an illegal.. a total Zika and a stupid one who should be deported

the issue I had with the News-Press was calling people at the DMV illegals simply because they were looked a certain way..that's racism and the News-Press can't hide..they are racists..and Nipper's correspondence with Minuteman Jim Gilchrist proves it..

and another Mintueman Chris Simcox is on trial in Arizona for child/abuse perv! I think Wendy and Nipper can relate to that being they had thousands of child porn images on a News-Press computer... THOUSANDS!! (still waiting for Justice) the Simcox trial has been delayed for about a year-goddman lawyers and judges-but it fianlly got underway...

Simcox wanted to act as his own lawyer and question the kids he is accused of molesting..then he backed out allowing another lawyer to help him defend himself...but we got Gilchrist, Simcox and that fat white bitch  Shawna Forde who murdered the little Brisenia Flores girl
racists, killers and child molestors..and friends of the News-Press

are you a friend of the News-Press, too?

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Anonymous said...

Certainly not. Haven't subscribed in years after what she did to those journalists. Still think it's funny that Wendy McCaw bought that paper to become the biggest voice in the community, when all it earned her was notoriety as is the biggest CUNT in the community.