Friday, June 17, 2016

Don't You Care

can't you see, it's hurting me

now here's something  the dog people in Santa Barbara don't seem to care about...Wendy and all her friends... #69 and Gretchen...does Gretchen really wear furs and have animal trophies hanging on her walls? well when you consider that she's married to the same guy who was married to that cuckoo Carole gal, I am not surprised... Carole ran in the 1st dist supe race some years ago against Salud Carbajal, then she took off to Montana in the middle of her campaign! Montecito gals are loopy!!

in China they are having the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and you know what that means..HOT DOGS!! and remember it was a Chinaman who tortured and killed little dog should we bar all Chinamen from entering the US?? YES....Chinese women are cool, though

I was curious as to how the Chinese go about procuring, killing, cooking then eating the mutts...apparently, they have an outdoor market where the dogs are caged sorta like a lobster tank where you pick the one you wanna eat..then they plop it into boiling water and the poor lobster turns red having been boiled to death...

but here's some info on the Chinadogs: Held every year, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival results in the slaughter of thousands of dogs, which are then served in some of the restaurants in this city in south China.

An international campaign to halt the killing keeps growing each year. Millions in Canada, the U.K. and the United States have signed petitions calling for China to end the festival, which is scheduled to start this year on June 21.

Yet it not just foreign activists who are working to stop China's dog meat trade. There are now millions of pet owners in the world's most populous country. Many are appalled by Yulin's continuing celebration of the eating of dog meat and by the uncertain manner in which the meat is obtained.

Unlike South Korea, another Asian country where dogs are consumed, China does not have any large-scale dog-breeding farms. A four-year investigation by Animals Asia, an advocacy group, found no evidence of such breeding facilities. "The vast majority of so-called "meat dogs" are in fact stolen companion animals and strays," says the group's
2015 report.'s what's for dinner!

so they butcher dogs like they butcher pigs and cows!!

slaughter of thousands of dogs...hmmmm..kinda like what all those folks did on the Channel Islands..the National Parks Service, the Nature Conservancy, the Center for Biological Diversity...went on an animal killing spree in the name of biodiversity...
and Wendy gave money to these oufits so I guess the mass killing of animals is ok under some circumstances, but abhorrent under others??

but where are these dog gals...#69 and Davey's Legacy and Davey's Voice and Wayne from the US Humane Society? why aren't they crying about these dog killings?? where's the outrage on EDHAT and on the front page of the News-Press?

maybe in private Nipper and Wendy and #69 think some of those dogchops are a delicacy!

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