Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Wanna Be Free

like the bluebirds flying by me, like the waves out on the blue sea

from endangered to running amok!

oh, I loved the picture in the Coastal View this week with a Channel Island fox on Chuck Graham's kayak...Chuck of course was a cheerleader for the fox recovery program which resulted in killing thousands of other animals on the Channel he's complaining that the foxes are running amok, stealing food from the monkeys in Belize!!

I hate to say I told you so and others have told you so but the foxes were not endangered in the first place and now you've taken away some good solid predators like the golden eagle and the foxes are running amok like rats! not exactly free in the wild like the island pigs and horses were..these nonprofit enviro folks suffer from group-think and can't think critically, so the little foxes outsmarted them's pretty funny until you consider the animals that got slaughtered for this folly....geez

I said before these folks should be jailed for animal abuse and certainly all the killing and now the over-population is animal abuse, but for some reason they still have their jobs..the National Parks Service and the nonprofit Nature Conservancy being the main culprits in the restorations

a serious investigation into this Channel Island mismanagement needs to be undertaken by a journalist...maybe Chuck could stop cheerleading for the NPS and Nature Conservancy long enough to investigate them....or maybe Peter Lance could do a series in the News-Press...I'd support that and it would give Pete a chance to redeem himself as an investigative journalist!

but now what are they gonna do? start killing the foxes to control the population?

I wouldn't be a bit surprised

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