Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

the moon ain't gonna rise in your eyes

there have been more deaths from trains in Montecito and Summerland in the last few months than Santa Claus Lane ever... yet I don't see the County of Santa Barbara showing any concern about it..no cries about public safety or imminent disasters...no calls for single access points or bells and whistles with guard towers warning people about the appoaching trains..but I love trains and they won't hurt me


so why not? why is the County concerned only with Carpinteria? aren't Montecito lives just as valuable? I guess not and I was going thru Montecito recently and I can see why...having lived in a little apartment on Coast Village Road behind Pelican's Wharf in the 1980s, I can say it was a cool place to live...everyday was sunny....Friday nights I'd walk over to the Olive Mill Bistro and have a drink with John Carradine, the old western star..well not actually with him, but in close proximity...

let's cut through and go surfing!

and beautiful young women were everywhere, knocking on my door offering sexual favors...it was a paradise!! and if you want to find the heart and soul of Montecito, start at Butterfly Beach and walk your way to Fernald Point....from the Coral Casino to Humphrey Rd, Virginia Rd....the Miramar...and Fernald....as kids in the 60s we used to sneak through the beach properties on Fernald Lane to get to Shark's to surf..and today I took a look and the old access is still there!! awesome...

but lately, or nowadays it's not the same place on Coast Village Road.. the women look like fish with the big BOTOX lips...the TOX as in toxin should give them a clue..the faces are stretched to the max to iron out the wrinkles..big pine trees have been slaughtered...big white developments have arisen...it's taken ten years for Craig McCaw to replace Peabody's restaurant and he's still not finished...but making progress I see

the buildings along Coast Village Road have all assumed a monkey-shit brown color....the sun does not shine here anymore
is it any wonder people are rushing to the train tracks to kill themselves?? well, before you do, go down to Fernald Point, sneak across the property, down the hedges to the beach, and spend a few hours surfing at Shark's.....

it just may save your life

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