Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just Like A Woman

with her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls

the Sedgwick Reserve in Santa Ynez is related to Edie Sedgwick...the pretty girl from Santa Barbara who wound up a little star and Andy Warhol's pal and Bob Dylan wrote 'Just Like a Woman' about her...the family was crazy and the whole story is fascinating.. I traveled among people in that circle for awhile, but it wasn't very healthy.. I do have weakness for free-spirited yet troubled beautiful  blonde chicks... and Edie was just like stunning

also stunning is the 6000 acre ranch is a reserve: "The 6,000 acre Sedgwick Reserve has a sad history with a mostly happy ending.

In 1952, the ranch was bought by Duke "Fuzzy" Sedgwick, patriarch of a wealthy east coast family originally from Massachusetts. The family was "troubled", with one son hanging himself and the beautiful Edie Sedgwick (of the Andy Warhol fame) dying of a drug overdose at 28. On his death in 1967, Fuzzy bequeathed most of the Sedgwick Ranch to the UC Natural Reserve."

then I see this in the Tentative Rulings of SB Judges..two guys are fighting over Edie Sedgwick's guy was married to her for a few months

"This action involves a dispute over legal ownership of the publicity rights to the name, voice, and likeness of film star Edie Sedgwick ("Sedgwick"), who died in Santa Barbara in 1972. According to the allegations, in 1970 Sedgwick granted to Court Pictures, Inc., the predecessor-in-interest to plaintiff David Weisman, "all rights, worldwide, in perpetuity . . . to utilize [Sedgwick’s] name, likeness, and biography. . . ." Starting in 2006, however, defendant Michael Post, who was married to Sedgwick for three months, started asserting a claim to Sedgwick’s name and likeness, to include licensing certain photographs of the actress. On April 22, 2015, plaintiff filed a first amended complaint ("FAC") against defendant for (1) damages for violation of rights of publicity, (2) declaratory relief, and (3) injunctive relief. Defendant answered the FAC with a general denial on June 1, 2015" ...etc

poor Edie...they just can't leave her alone..but her husband should win this one

and even though we have no Edie Sedgwick-type beauties in Carpinteria, (some of the gals here are just like mongoloid idiots!) I was thrilled to see the Carp Bluffs will add more open space...the SB Land Trust and others banded together to buy the area just to the southeast of the other Bluffs area...

really, ocean views, weeds, dirt roads for bikes..essential for the well-being of the populace...the area is at the junction of Highway 101, 150 and Carp's a natural power can feel the vibes, the sun

when the Lagunitas "campus" was being considered, the city of Carp and developer were gonna mess with the junction, the hook to facilitate more cars into Carp, but that didn't happen....and it never will

now this area from Carp 150 up to Ojai is the loveliest Highway I've ever seen, rivaled only by Big Sur/Carmel and a little ocean road by Scripps Ranch in La Jolla...

of course I'm concerned the Land Trust may have some fancy ideas about "restoration"....and of course of course the dog issue...I fear it may just be another dog is essential that this area be left as it is because it is perfect

but as I said there may be interpretive signs, so I would suggest:
This Native Plant Cannot Survive in a Drought, But This Weed Can

well I guess it's better than a big hotel, a casino, a brewery or any other kind of prefabbed brainless entertainment metropolis next to the ocean...

I think Edie would've like it out here

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