Monday, June 6, 2016


all caught up in the reverie...

puppet masters, like drunken sailors,  control many of these candidates and the News-Press is a perfect example...Andy Caldwell is a puppet for Wendy and he gives us his endorsements which are the exact same as Wendy's..and Andy is still a guest opinion writer..but at heart he is a Christian who pits gov't against God...crazy conservatives will be in your bedrooms 24/7 making sure you don't do anything that offends them....oh boy, they shoulda seen me last night!!

and they keep trying to blame Das for everything from pedophile teachers to union mobs...

but that's like trying to blame Christian Andy for this mess: Timothy Cardinal Dolan heads the state's Catholic Conference, which in recent years hired major lobby firms to block legislation designed to help child abuse victims seek justice.

(James Keivom/New York Daily News)

BY Kenneth Lovett


ALBANY — Not leaving it to divine chance, the state Catholic Conference has turned in recent years to some of Albany’s most well-connected and influential lobby firms to help block a bill that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice.

The Catholic Conference, headed by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, has used Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, Patricia Lynch & Associates, Hank Sheinkopf, and Mark Behan Communications to
lobby against the Child Victims Act as well as for or against other measures.....

look, if you call yourself a Christian, you could kill your whole family because they're not going to church enough.. like devout bibel-reader John List some Christians, kids are good for either molesting or killing..less abortions, more kids..think about it I see that the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, not the Chamber of Horrors, has endorsed Das Williams for 1st District supervisor over Jennifer Christensen....this has caused fits among the north county interests for some reason..Andy Caldwell from COLAB/News-Press almost burst a blood vessel in the brain as Das is a longtime nemesis of the News-Press...DAS is a labor guy,a union guy

and here's my take on Jennifer Christensen: I was gonna vote for her for 1st Dist Supe but am having 2nd thoughts..her campaign is being run by slutty Lucy so say the Montecito Journal! Lucy lost to commie/ PODER gal Cathy Murillo by a landslide and that was Lucy's 2nd loss for SB City why would Jen choose Lucy to run her campaign....all they talk about is reducing benefits for gov't workers which is a losing proposition because they don't mention the supervisors get over $80000/year and their assistants make about $70000/year for doing nothing!! it's crazy..and I've heard some gals who look alot like Jen and Lucy are hooking outside the News-Press offices after hours..(PS, they like black guys!!)

also, Jennifer has been in county finance for over ten years, receives benefits/pension, so why are county finances in such disarray according to COLAB types? it just doesn't make sense

now over at the Independent, Nick Welsh uncovered some pretty shady unorthodox, or is that unethical Jews supporting momma's boy Justin Fareed for Congress..yo Justin..yo...

today, the economy is good, the stock market has more than doubled since Bush tried to kill it, the real estate market is booming, Obama killed Osama...Obama is not a perfect president but after eight years, we are way better off with Obama than Mitt or John McCain..McCain chose Sarah Palin as his VP!!

Trump talks big but his Trump University was a scam and his wife is Russianinski...who will he choose as his VP?? Sarah Palin?? geez

remember this: liberals want to abuse your money; conservatives want to abuse your kids

and independents want to abuse themselves

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Anonymous said...

No surprise that Wendy McCaw endorses Donald Trump for president. Since she bought the News-Press, she believes she owns the news. If Trump can buy the presidency, why shouldn't he own the United States government?