Saturday, March 8, 2014

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Saturday night I went downtown, working for the FBI...

well it was a beautiful day for the beach or the Women's I went to both!

ok so the Women's Festival is going on this weekend and I see I missed Kelly LeBrock Friday accepting her award...oh well, there's more than one girl in the world so I decided to check out Earl Warren Showgrounds and see all the women...normally I don't wear perfume but a little extra splash of Aramis seemed appropriate...I may be a misogynistic pig but at least I smell good and don't have a bunch of snot running down my nose like for example your dogs!! hahaha

so I motor on into Santa Barbara Earl Warren and there's a couple hundred folks milling about the showgrounds...$5 to park and $5 to get in...or pay $79 amd you get VIP treatment..look, I was there for one reason and these ladies saw though me like a glass of water...nevertheless I saw no reason to abandon my I too milled about and gawked at some pretty chicks but some were a little uptight too...and there was an antique doll show and other booths selling stuff...but no striptease...I paid five bucks for this??

oh wait..this  beautiful chick in the sleeveless black dress is doing a little dance.. a pirouette  ....awesome shoulders... mmmmmm and as close to a striptease as it gets!

but all I was really trying to do is re-create the famous flying dress scene... first by Marilyn Monroe in "Seven Year Itch", where Marilyn Monroe in the white dress was standing above a subway grating, the air was blowing her dress I wanted Kelly Lebrock to do that same scene from "Woman in Red" for me but she was not this chick with the black dress did the scene..preettty nice job!!

ok so I head on over to the Harbor to see what the storm did but nothing too bad 'cept for tons of  sand blocking the harbor ...but I did see some women who looked like they were having fun in the sun and wearing next to nothing..these are my kinda girls! Leadbetter beach was awesome and the pelicans kept flying over head...hundreds of was bitchin'!!

women are like pelicans in a way...always hanging out together

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