Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the Farmer in the Dell

Hi-ho,The derry-o
The farmer in the dell

so teabagger Peter Adam beat Joni Gray in the last 4th disrtict supervisor race: Incumbent 4th District Supervisor Joni Gray and challenger Peter Adam have similar conservative political philosophies — supporting smaller government, drilling for offshore oil to boost revenue, supporting family values and property rights, preserving agriculture.

Supervisor Adam?

family values...hmmmmm

Andy Caldwell spends a great deal of his alloted time on the News-Press Editorial pages calling the south county supes names...like eco-terrorists or Twisted Sisters or somesuch...but if you look at the issues, you may find that the north county supervisors have an appalling record of fraud and deceit..

you just can't trust those rummies in the colonies up there...and now the new guy, 4th dsitrict supervisor Peter Adam pulled a rookie mistake and wants people to vote on "road maintenance" well not really actually road maintenance but he wants you to vote on making sure roads don't get more potholes..or something about roads...

the Adam Family

he wants an initiative on the ballot-the anti-pothole measure- that doesn't need to be there...he's wasting time and money playing road games!! but since Adam inherited his family's farm and doesn't live in the real world, I expect nothing but more manure from this dude..and I wonder how many gov't tax subsidies we paid his farm?? drought relief money??

The rat takes the cheese
The rat takes the cheese
Hi-ho,The derry-o
The rat takes the cheese

farm subsidies are nothing new and many farmers, from Carp to Santa Maria have taken some gov't relief...some over $100000!! when the farmers need money, the taxpayers subsidize them "The federal subsidy in the House bill guarantees farmers of Japonica Rice that if market prices drop below 115 percent of the average price of all types of rice, they will get a government payment to make up the difference"

Crop Insurance in California

NEW DATA - Insurance subsidies to individual policyholders

Washington, D.C. - A new analysis of over a million government records never before made public and obtained by the Environmental Working Group through the Freedom of Information Act has found that in 2011 more than 10,000 individual farming operations have received federal crop insurance premium subsidies ranging from $100,000 to more than $1 million apiece. Some 26 farming operations received subsidies of $1 million or more last year.

Taxpayers pick up so much of a farmer’s crop insurance premium that, Taylor writes, "U.S. farmers could be claiming $3.85 for every dollar they paid to insure their 2012 crops." And this can’t just be dismissed as a result of the drought. Taylor cites estimates by Kansas State economist Art Barnaby that from 1988 to 2011 farmers got back $1.89 for every dollar of their premium payments. Most taxpayers can only dream of getting that kind of return from their auto or homeowners insurance; it doesn’t happen.

The cat takes a rat
The cat takes a rat
Hi-ho,The derry-o
The cat takes a rat

ok so Andy and his conservative Christian farmer pals up north want to pick the pockets of county workers to continue the farm subsidies.. I support ag but couldn't quite figure out why they were anti-labor and anti-public worker: now I know: competition for tax dollars..demonize the unions and glorify the farmers!!

but let's take a look at the two previous north county conservative supes, the 4th and 5th districts, who are still trying to clean the dirt off themselves...why, these folks is so dirty they should all take a leap into the Joe Centeno pool to clean off!!

oh wait, the Joe Centeno pool don't work right..they fill it full of water and it keeps leaking...that's what you get for hiring a private contractor to build a public project....they take shortcuts and can't even pour a cement pond!!

and Andy Caldwell is pals with all these crooks!!

ok so Joe got a pool named after him but his time on the BOS was mired in controversy..the assistant Gil who Joe paid $75000 a year, was busted for DUI and tried to blame his politcal enemies..but how do you explain being on the side of the road, in Carp, wiped out in your car??

then the Cemetery District in Lompoc had tons of problems under Joe's watch and ol' Joe just turned the other cheek until the Lompoc Record investigated....

still a bounty on Joni's head!

then we have Joni Gray... there's a reason why conservatives like non-profits so much..it's so easy to skim money!! the Indepenent had the story about Joni and her assistant and Joni's husband all involved in the demise of the Lompoc Housing Authority...she was disgraced by the scandal but still maintains everything is still buttercups and roses in her world:


Santa Maria Times
The OIG audit is the third report since June of last year criticizing the county’s management of its publicly-funded low-income housing program. The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury issued "A Failure of Oversight: Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation" last June. In August, HUD auditors placed a hold on HOME funds administered by the county after issuing a report with 17 findings of deficiencies.

The highly-critical OIG report is the result of a six-month onsite review of county records from January 2007 to November 2012 by OIG auditors that began late last year. Auditors reviewed $7.4 million in HOME costs paid to four housing agencies and found about half of the payments were either ineligible or lacked sufficient documentation to justify payment.

The ineligible expenses or payments lacking proper documentation in county files include:

$2.1 million unsupported payments to Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation (LHCDC) for College Park Apartments in Lompoc

$419,433 ineligible and $49,172 unsupported payments to People's Self Help Housing (PSSH) for Dahlia Court II in Carpinteria

wow! geez..if you want to pave some county roads, stop giving public funds to nonprofits whose funds then get skimmed by supervisors!!

and stop farm subsidies!!!

The cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Hi-ho,The derry-o

The cheese stands alone.....

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Conservative Circle Jerks said...

Supervisor Whiskers Adam has a plan but as usual with tea-baggers they want free stuff but don't tell you how it will be paid for or as you say Mick figure out how to get someone else to pay for it while complaining about bloated government spending.