Monday, February 10, 2014

fire down below

they had one thing in common, they had the fire down below


I guess the chances of me hooking up with Kelly LeBrock are pretty slim but what about me getting busted by a lying, unethical cop? would I need a lawyer like Darryl Genis to help me..would I crawl across the floor and ask Darryl for help?

first of all, I don't know what happened between Kelly and her fat ass ex-husband Steven Seagal..but I did like his movie Fire Down Below..and he did appear on the cover of Vintage Guitar mag to show off his guitar he can't be all bad...I must admit I don't of any song he ever sang, but image is more important than reality in showbiz...nice guitars Steve!!

but I am more concerned for Steven Seagal than Kelly...Seagal hooked up with the racist sheriff in Arizona and wants to run for office..I think he turned into a teabagger!! I am mystified as to why...

ok so the chances of me being busted by a cop who simply didn't like me are indeed slim... let's say I'm driving down the road one night, sober...sober..that means without drugs/alcohol..that means I won't drive the wrong way up a one way street; it means I won't crash into a parked car; it means I won't weave all over the place and I probably won't kill anyone....

but what if a cop pulled me over and arrested me for DUI?? would the cop pull me over, do a breathalyser test and manipulate the results, do a field test, forge a ticket, forge my signature on that ticket, plant heroin on my body, beat me up, handcuff and taser me, then take me someplace to draw blood.....then throw me in the slammer?? are the cops using their patrol car computers to conspire against the drivers in Santa Barbara??

is this a likely scenerio? no of course not..that is a scenerio dreamed up with stoner logic....booze infused, it is nonsensical that a cop would do that...cops are looking for people DUI, not just to mess with people...

DG knows this  because he's lost too many cases..the Hollywood guy who impersonated a police officer and was found guilty in Ventura..spent time in jail; DG was pals with rapist Andrew wutshisname, the Max Factor punk who drugged and raped some chicks then videoed it..what a gentleman!!

think tank

the folks who use Darryl as their lawyer are not innocent..they just want him to find loopholes in the law so they don't have to pay the price for their stupidity..

however, if I get arrested I may indeed seek DG's counsel...

but what if I get arrested during Darryl's  3-month suspension? who can I turn to then??

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