Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lady Madonna

children at your feet, wonders how you manage to make ends meet

"Is McCaw really that desperate for friends that she needs to sidle up with this sleazy cast of characters like they are her misfit children?"

well I never looked at it like that but I like it! haha..all of Wendy's team members are like her misfit children since she never had any kids of her own and she takes in all these strays!! of course, that's it!

from Nipper to Don, Scott to Gerry, Andy to Lanny,Wendy has been unable to find anyone who can raise her subscriber base back to the 45000 range instead of the 25000 range after she got ahold of the News-Press...

now um...who can she blame..well how about the Teachers' Union....or the Teamsters....or the City gov't workers..members of SEIU are wholly subversive...I've met a few city workers and I tell ya, they can be just as nutty as the private sector folks!

wanna be her daddy??

so the nut has been cracked and the case has been solved...WENDY HAS A MOMMY/MADONNA COMPLEX

now on the other hand we have Wendy's Guest Opinion boy Andy Caldwell who wants to be your daddy and tell you how to live your life...that, of course is absurd...Andy is a very weak father-figure with a whiny girly-man voice

father, I want to kill you; mother,  I want to fuck you

so we got Wendy and Andy locked up in the same padded room together....Andy's got the classic Oedipus complex offered by Freud, a brilliant dude...and Wendy gots an Electra complex, offered up by Jung, Neil Jung...

The psychological term coined by Sigmund Freud named after the mythical king of Thebes and the legend based around him. In Greek myth, Oedipus killed his father and married his mother, but without knowledge that either were his parents. Freud's theory proclaimed that, at an unconscious level, a male's sexual preference would be based around the actions and personality of his mother. The male child would also feel extreme animosity towards his father, again at an unconscious level.

in simpler terms: The subconcious urge that young males have to penetrate both their parents; one with a sword, the other with one's penis.

Jung put forth his own theory with the Electra complex: Carl Jung's female equivalent to Freud's Oedipus complex; the theory that during the Freud's phallic stage of childhood development, girls develop a sexual attachment to their father (or father figure), leading them to want to kill mother and marry their father. The name derives from the Greek myth of Electra, who wanted to avenge her father's death by killing her mother, who was responsible for the murder....

just further proof that the American family is a breeding ground for insanity....

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