Thursday, November 12, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

ford ev'ry stream...

ok so after the nonprofit's Davey's Voice was listed as Non-Profit of the Week at Edhat, #69 posts a story of her and ART rescuing a coyote that had allegedly fallen into an old stone open water reservoir in Santa Ynez...(to remind folks she's an animal nonprofit that requires cash donations, too)

I read the story and looked at the pictures..the selective pictures..they show a coyote curled up sleeping at the bottom of the reservoir, probably getting some sun..then they show Julia going down with a Fire guy..then the coyote climbing up the reservoir sides...but no pics of the actual rescue...hmmmm

A coyote can jump an 8-foot fence. It is also very adept at climbing....and it can run up to 40 MPH

so it appears that the coyote was just snoozing and could easily navigate in and out of the reservoir..probably a favorite hangout..but then a freaking dog-walker comes along, called ART and they go about "rescuing" the coyote....I don't believe anything dog-walkers say..they're idiots!! look what they leave at trailheads...IDIOTS!!!

the reservoir is stone with plenty of rocks to grab onto (like in a rock climbing gym!)... mountain climbers know what I'm talkin' there's a few insets in the stone (alcoves) that the coyote probably uses to get in and out.....the alcoves are about half way down so the coyote jumps once, then twice to get to the bottom..then climbs back out without a hitch...

so this appears to be more BS from ART who used the Solvang fire crew to help her lift the coyote out..but that's what we don't see in the pictures....I hope the Solvang Fire Dept is privitized...otherwise tax money was wasted....

and while I'm at it: save the Santa Ynez Valley from the Firestones!

the coyote looked like it's done this before...looks like the old resevoir was a hangout for a rock ledge...Their dens are often found on rocky ledges, or steep or brush-covered slopes

so I think Julia just told everyone a great big fib...just had to tell everyone how she "rescued" the coyote....and I bet more dumb folks will send her money...

the coyote didn't need rescuing....that's why God gave him four legs

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