Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wooly Bully

watch it now, here it comes

remember Sam the Sham? well at least he had no illusions like Wendy McCuckoo does...yes Wendy and News-Press are a sham..pure shammy..a shameless sham and all that...

what was supposed to be an independent newspaper owned by an animal rights gal has become a FOX NEWS affiliate...a place for faux-reporters and chickenhawks...a place that glorifies Ronald Reagan as much more than he was and ignores the scandals...Wendy got her money via divorce so it's not like she's a brain or something..and teaming up with Nipper is just..well, it's funny

now the News-Press still can't get over the PODER protests and guest editorial hack and suckup Andy Caldwell complains that SB Citycouncilwoman Cathy Murillo is a bully!!

read the first two paragraphs of Andy's tortured English guest editorial and you'll see..the BOYCOTTS are working!!!

 Andy is just silly because Wendy has used her cash to try and intimidate local businesses who had "McCaw Obey the Law" signs in their stores..Wendy tried to stop their rights of free speech!!  and she's sued people who weren't "loyal" to her...she and Nipper tried to bully the defunct Daily Sound newspaper for its masthead logo...and one blog that made fun of Wendy was removed due to threats by Team Wendy..

but I haven't heard from Wendy's lawyers about this and if Wendy tries to bully me, she'll end up crying like a young lady in the sand at the beach nearly naked...and I don't think she wants to make a free speech martyr outta me...

so anyhow, the illegals headline the News-Press keeps brandishing only solidifies their ignorance and I thought it was supposed to have increased subscriptions among the teabag set, but I guess not..I've seen advertisers leaving in droves...who wants to be associated with the News-Press and the racist killers, the Minutemen?? not me!!

the BOYCOTTS of the News-Press and #69's Animal Rescue Team should go on until these two entities are no more...or until these people get their minds right...or until they re-open Camarillo mental hospital where they can get the treatment they need

they need to be exposed for the shams that they are

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Thomas said...

As a member of the Santa Barbara Community, I urge Latinos in the community to show support for human rights and decency and join a boycott of MACY'S STATE STREET, SANTA BARBARA for its advertising and support of the Santa Barbara News-Press. I encourage all Latinos to boycott and to cease patronizing Macy's until the News-Press apologizes on it's front page for the deliberate slander of Latino's as "Illegals." Let Macy's know that you will not be a customer of a store that supports a publication which associates itself with hate groups and supports the spread of bias and racism in the community. Thank you.