Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fields of Athenry..

drunk drivers are bad news

I heard that song a week ago...sung by a street kid in Ireland...I heard it at the tail end of a movie I'd never seen before..about a reporter fighting the brutal drug wars in Ireland..and how kids should be treated with the dignity they deserve..the kid's voice...well, it shook me up

when you get into a car and drive drunk, with kids in the car..are you treating your kids with dignity?? no

and I'd like to get away from drunk drivers but they keep showing up in the news...I could focus on more wonderful things, like the beautiful warm weather we're having thanks to global warming and the oil industries burning fossil fuels, just hope we don't run outta those!

and the weather is nice for driving, biking and hiking....cold nights and warm days, that's the ticket! and of course I took advantage of the global warmth and found myself in a dry creek bed among some big beautiful eucalyptus, the prefered tree of hawks, butterflies and me....and they got these pretty little white flower blossoms I never really noticed before...bees were goin' crazy....

whenever I'd visit Santa Monica or Venice, I take the Pacific Coast's true you have to pass through Oxnard but it's well worth the risk..on a perfect southern California day, there's nothing like driving down to Malibu..I used to own property down there, but lost it in a poker game...

I keep thinking about this dude Levi Saks and his plight to recover from being hit by an alleged drunk driver in Malibu...his pup Marley was taken to a shelter and put up for adoption! not sure what will happen there...I guess the family will claim Marley.....

can Darryl save Anna??
and the allegedly drunk lady, Anna Caldwell...I wonder what will become of her? what will become of poor Anna who chose to allegedly drive drunk with a kid or two in her SUV and then plow into Levi? getting into a car and driving drunk is a passive-aggressive act of violence...if it results in harming someone, the drunk can blame the what will happen when Anna goes to court..will she get a good DUI lawyer who can get her off with a fine? who is Anna? is this the Anna? I don't know.. I can only speculate

but can you imagine going down to Malibu today in this beautiful weather and getting smashed into by a drunk like Anna Caldwell? can you imagine being a kid in her car??


No teetotaler here but said...

Sad. I passed through the funk zone this weekend. They're gonna have to change it to the drunk zone.

Strange how the right wingers at SB City Hall are up in the homeless and youths grill when there is so much more danger caused by this over abundance of wine tasting dispensaries and breweries. And all those "non-profit" socialite benefits serve alcohol. Really they are just bars. They're gonna have to change the funk zone to the drunk zone and really just include the whole city limits as it is just creeping in city wide.

Anonymous said...

Booze, drunks and police busts go together like hand in glove in towns like Santa Barbara. Tourists come in to party, bars make money selling hooch and the police, knowing full well theres a nice crop of inebriated drivers on the road have a lucrative business nabbing them. Of course more than a few locals get caught up in this profitable web of sin. That's due in part to the small town/ big boozer paradigm where the more boring the city, the more time people spend with their lips around the top of a vodka bottle. And let's not forget the bumper crop of students who are easy prey for this web. The feeding 0f the spiders goes on from all ends... The bars, the cops and the DUI lawyers like Daryl Genis, another bloodsucker out to feed on this feast-rich corner of the wall we call "home!"