Friday, December 6, 2013

let the good times roll

Let the good times roll
Let them knock you around
Let the good times roll
Let them make you a clown

this post brought to you by Budweiser and  Ketel One Vodka....what's your story???

Lois and Raymond bring shame to the American flag

well.....geez now Team Lois can't stay sober? the reports that her assistant was allegedly busted for DUI, that he hit someone bad and ran and  later he smashed into a tree in downtown Santa Barbara ... just despicable...what a dumbass

KEYT broke the story and this is just another example of the drug problem in Santa Barbara...alcohol is a drug..the most abused and dangerous of them all...of course, all this will be swept under the rug so the bars can keep plying addicts with alcohol...a never-ending cycle..

weird- the gal he hit is Mallory Rae Dies (that's her name!) and she's a bartender at the Tonic Nightclub...I swear there's a little subculture of booze in SB!

then I hear some nutjobs went bar hopping to celebrate the end of Prohibition...two guys started this nonsense a few years ago but at least this time they hired a cab company because the activities they engage in leave them shit-faced and unable to the Lois Capp's rep

some folks fear the homeless when they go downtown, I fear the drunk drivers

ok so is Lois responsible for her assitant's of course not..will the drunk guy get a promotion like Wendy gave Travis Armstrong after he was busted for DUI?

the guy's name is Raymond MORON...he's a district representative for Lois Capps and he makes about $5800/month!! not anymore I hope..oh and he was an Iraq war vet...geez, no wonder we never win any wars anymore..we're filling  the Armed Forces with morons, cowards and drunks

but Lois better fire him and condemn his him a little shithead because that's what he is...just like Travis, and Peter, Martin, and Anna down in Malibu,  and Darryl the DUI lawyer...and all those other flunkies who think they can drink alcohol and drive

and the last straw is Morua was leaving a party hosted by the Independent??? that's what Noozhawk reported...then the Indie reports that this loser Morua has had prior DUIs and hit and runs!! so why did Lois hire him?? maybe she is responsible!

the Independent over the last year or so and under the leadership of Marianne Partridge has become all about booze..the stories, the ads all promoting booze....and now this stupid party they gave...way to go Marianne!! you are just as bad as a drug dealer...and almost as bad as the News-Press...

where's Officer Kasi Beutel when you need her??


Anonymous said...

O.K. this one may not be a shit-head in the same vein as Travis Armstrong. This guy went to Iraq, who knows had issues before he went, but like most in war he probably came back with major issues. Cut this one some slack at least until the details come out. It may not be entirely what you think.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a loser lock him up and throw way the key...