Wednesday, December 11, 2013

crosstown traffic

You're just like crosstown traffic / So hard to get through to you / Crosstown traffic / I don't need to run over you / Crosstown traffic / All you do is slow me down

so I got up extra early to go into Santa Barbara.. I had a date with my dental hygienist....well not a date, an appointment...a date is dinner and sex ...not sex always but sometimes if you're drunk enough...but anyway  a date or appointment...let's say appointment, people can get awfully testy when you use words they don't like!!

now I see Lois fired Raymond the Alleged as I told her to do..well I didn't tell her, I hoped that she would...the more I hear about Ray the less I like...and I 'm pullin for Mallory, poor kid

but  I heard that it takes four DUI's to get  felony conviction! FOUR !!!! unless you hit or kill someone on your second or third try at DUI, then it's a felony...

so what is the solution? it's true that hard liqour will eventually tear you a new's just bad stuff..and some folks are even claiming the liquor is a healthfood...some claim it makes you a better driver!! I think that's what Mr. Wimpy was doing when I watched him and Darrly Genis last night..they talked about Darryl for awhile..Darryl's celebrity friends but they didn't mention rapist Andrew Lester, the Max Factor heir..then I find out that Darryl likes to surf..was a big surfer in the slimmer trimmer years...they used to sit around in a big hot tub at Hollister Ranch and refer to Darryl as "the Big Kahuna"! 

then the boys started in on DUI stuff..and according to them arresting folks for DUI is a conspiracy fueled by MADD propaganda to make more money for gov't and cops' pensions..or something like that...(and consequently give Darryl more clients and money)

Mr. Wimpy says it's ok to drink and drive...a few beers and three or four glasses of wine are a good thing when you're behind the wheel...then he says the cops arrested people for DUI but those folks didn't crash, so they should have not been pulled over!!

now that's just downright stupid and Darryl and Worthen should be horsewhipped....the cops can't pull everyone over who's drunk behind the wheel, but the one's they do get are potential killers and thankfully they got them off the's a public safety issue when you're weaving all over the place...a robust DUI patrol unit will always help...drunk drivers are a menace...

well at least Darryl tries to help his drunks not commit the same stupid mistake

but if you wanna live a healthy lifestyle, liquor should not be anywhere close to your lips......if not you'll be hanging at Lucky's Bar in your 60s with watery eyes and big fat red nose like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...

how do you think Rudolph got his red nose??? Santa poured a fifth of bourbon down his throat and his nose lit up like a fucking Christmas tree!! 

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