Sunday, December 15, 2013

it's Christmas once again in Santa Barbara

and blah blah blah

remember Kenny: charity begins at home

$1000 to eat with Herman and Nipper!

ohh I hate that song!! plus the guy who wrote it sounds like he stole the melody from Merle Haggard's great Okie from Muskogee...Merle's a real songwriter..that other dude, Barry or whoever...strange dude

so I watched the Unity Shoppe Telethon on KEYT for a few minutes..well maybe like 45 minutes...well maybe an hour or two.... but it started to creep me out don't get me wrong..I think it's good to have a nonprofit that encourages poor Latinos to take things in a store without paying for them..even if the store is a fake one...

oh it's charity..but the Unity Shoppe finally moved into its new facilities but wasn't it a messy real estate deal? didn't they kill a few people in the process?? where'd they bury the bodies? under the old Vic I bet...

the telethon was hosted by KEYT, the new owners News-Press and relation to the News-Press altho I hope Wendy doesn't sue 'em for copyright infringement! but Paula Lopez was there looking good and Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) and Kenny Loggins couldn't keep their hands off her!!

"The more we stretch the muscle called compassion and generosity, the stronger we get, the better we feel about ourselves, the more loving we become to the world around us." ~ Kenny Loggins

oh do tell that to Nipper and Wendy would ya Kenny? thanks pal..and I think you should get down on your hands and knees and thank Jim Messina for giving you a career!

speak of the devil, there's Nipper in the gold lame suit looking stupid as usual...Nipper was talking very insincerely about the hard-working folks who just need some help so send in your money..geez Nipper, you mean Wendy's employees at the News-Press???

the totals were far below last years's so maybe the Chumash will kick in some gambling profits...return some of that money to the original owners!

ooooh, look out, you rocknrollers!!!

and then there's Kenny's facelift issues....David Bowie warned you guys...Ch-ch-ch-changes...ooooh look out you rocknrollers...pretty soon you're gonna get older...

so you know there's no reason to try and remove the lines on your face with BOTOX because it just makes you look ..well...odd.. and there's....esp with BOTOX..the "TOX" should give you a clue (as in toxic)....

then Nipper and Herman the Hermit started acting like they were drunk...they said if you pledge $1000, you can have dinner with Herman and! apparently, if you hang with Herman, Gene Montesano, the guy who owns Lucky's, and Nipper you get perks....Wendy will buy you a condo at Bonneymeade!!

conspicuously absent from the festivities was John P..maybe John was out banging some chirpy blonde in the parking lot, who knows!!

then I learned that the Unity Shoppe has a gift shop across from the in that store you have to pay for the stuff..and then the proceeds go to the nonprofit....WTF??? are they skimming???



Anonymous said...

Maybe John P. has finally figured out he is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Local celebrity Arthur Weaselberger on a telethon? That guy is so desperate to be somebody except Wendy's jettisoned fiance we'll probably see him next in his gold lame suit making balloon animals on State street. The guy exudes as much "charitable spirit" as Himmler. I thought he was there to raise funds for Hitler Youth!