Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When Sunny Came Home

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn't believe in transcendence
It's time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance

now the stuff I hear about the News-Press is mostly rumors or what I can see from a distance or just by observing the rag everyday when I read it..

you see, I've emailed Wendy dozens of times asking her this and that but my emails keep coming back...I even sent her some envelope type letters asking her to explain some things but those letters keep coming back, too...if I was in love with her which I'm not I might feel rejected and develop a lonely complex or something, but Wendy can't do that to me..a few other girls had that kinda power over me, but not Wendy....because I don't love Wendy...I hate her..if she died today, I'd piss on her grave

so you remember my observations about Gerry Fall, the newly promoted Sports Editor at the News-Press...after about 7 years, Wendy promoted him...Gerry took the lead in trying to get rid of the union and realized that kissing Wendy's ass will get you promoted quicker than actual deserving or working for it...
ok. so now  I hear the NLRB is dogging Wendy again for anti-union activities...Barney Brantingham had the news and Barney would interest in all this is when former editor Travis Armstrong would write editorials lying about gov't workers...and unions....I had no  issues with Wendy one way or another up until then..then the Rob Lowe fiasco, then a bunch of other stuff and I realized she was cuckoo, hence Wendy McCuckoo

faggy Indian Travis was busted for DUI because he couldn't figure out he was driving the wrong way up a one way street in Santa Barbara..what a dumbass! He was Wendy's favorite queer and she's been mad at the City and the cops ever since for arresting her/him/it!! hahah

the Lamp of Justice
but I just couldn't sit by and let Wendy get away with that, so I started my infamous world famous lamp of justice I shine daily at Team Wendy members to  expose their dark dirty evil deeds!!

so now the question is why should Wendy be allowed to break labor laws with impunity....well, I hope all the bribable conservative judges have died with their robes on so any further appeals of NLRB rulings will be denied....

some say Wendy can do what she wants because it's her paper..well, it's not her paper..she bought it alright, but with illegitimate money from a divorce! and that just ain't right..a woman who never worked for a living trying to fuck with the working class...and at her side is a clueless trustfunder idiot, Nipper, who's living so far up Wendy's ass, he bumped into Gerry Fall

so you see Wendy you can send my letters back to me, but sunny Justice is coming home.. that's your TIT's in a ringer

Dry is good and wind is better
Count the years, you always knew it

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