Tuesday, December 3, 2013

incense and peppermints

who cares what games we choose, little to win and nothing to lose....

well I went in to Santa Barbara to get some incense and also to check a trial confirmation..some Montecito dude is harrassing some other dude... so I got my incense from Paradise Found and leisurely strolled over to the court house..Santa Barbara was really hot so I had to leave and I'll wait for the actual trial..the owner of Bo Henry's is involved but I forgot his name but I'm interested in one of his girlfriends...I wanna ask her why she's hanging out with a bunch of  Vincent Van Gogh wannabe pussies...don't worry, I'll find out..besides, I'm more interested in the Valerie Walston case...the sexting case...

oh I like the library but the Granada Garage building across from it is suspect with the phallic symbols..you wanna know why there's a deficit in SB, it's the Granada garage

and the Big O at the County Ag building???  sex symbols everywhere!!

so I left to check out the Lobero restoration progress....there's this big white Ford SUV following me closely,  tailgating me, so I pull over on Anacapa  and park, he pulls over and parks in the red zone.. I jump outta my truck, ready to busta rhyme with his head on the sidewalk then I see he's a big fat greasy Mexican deputy! one of Sheriff Bill Brown's gorillas...

and heads to the post office to mail some letters. I didn't think the CA exempt status on his Ford was for running errands.... geez.. I got my eye on you big boy...

hey there's Wayne Scoles riding his bike! he looks pissed off as usual...LOSER!!!

I head over to the Lobero.....they got the brick steps in and some terraced plantings going on...red brick steps? is that normal??

I saw the olive trees...it seems they reduced the grass area in favor of concrete so you can't lounge around as much before the doors open...it's less inviting...this is not good especially since I plan on seeing the awesome Shawn Colvin at the Lobero in January....if there's a wine concession in front I WILL SLAY THEM!!! maybe a few big pine trees would help
but the Lobero seems..diminished somehow

who the hell is running things down here????

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the iron balconies on the Granada Garage have no floors? That probably avoids handicapped/safety rules, but must be inconvenient when the great dictator steps out to address the crowd! The shadow pattern cast by floorless balconies boggles one's mind.
The most perverse stairway is on the library side of the garage -- four floors straight down! Unbelievable. An artist friend and I wanted to photograph it with a demolished wheelchair at the bottom! If the Empire State Building had a stairway like this it would end up at Central Park!