Sunday, May 4, 2014

turn that heartbeat over again

Love your mama, love your brother
Love 'em till they run for cover

ok so Andy Caldwell thinks News-Press readers are dumb and mostly I agree and we know that the News-Press and the Water Guardian folks are in a little battle..I have no affiliation with anyone, with any church or religion, with any school or cult but enjoy the fight.... and the WG folks seem not afraid to hit the streets so I was not surprised at the front page story about the Water Guardians collecting 20000 signatures for their anti-fracking initiative...the News-Press misspelled the name of one of the gals referring to her as Rebecca Caassem (vs Claassen).... geez how hard or how much effort does it take to spell her name right?? for the News-Press, it's just too much effort

Casey Kasem???

 next I see something weird on page B8: 2014 LOYALTY PROGRAM...I called the rep but no one works on Saturday so I must make some assumptions..let's see I see two yuppies standing over a food case..they look like they just had sex and yes I am jealous but nevertheless I think this must be for loyal advertisers maybe?? Wendy wants to reward loyalty with special advertising rates you reward a dog with a treat...

I am loyal to no one and I expect no one to be loyal to me..but it is obvious that Wendy's business model ain't too much for a business with a huge divorce settlement, run that business at a loss, turn that business upside down, spend money on friends instead of qualified reporters...and pretend you are apowerful member of the community....and beg your advertisers to be loyal to you..

now another issue is water...I'm reading the Coastal View and in the back is a picture of Nipper oh excuse me I mean Baron Arthur Von Wiesenberger, and some fat chick..apparently, the Morning Rotary Club invited Nipper to talk about bottled water...they claim that Nipper is a man of many talents and has published books on food and wine and bottled water..the gals say Nipper had a "deep knowledge" on bottled water...he's a bottled water expert..well I know that Nipper hosts a water tasting thing in Virginia but his claim to be some sort of water guru is spurious at best...and fraudulent at worst....bottled water is energy intensive and besides most of it is municipal water anyway..tap water!!

if you want info on drinking water, invite a Cater water plant operator to speak, not Nipper!!

so what is a rotary club....some sort of non-profit with a bunch of conservatives trying to do who knows what... The stated purpose of the Rotary Club is to promote humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards and help build goodwill throughout the world.

why do they need a club to do that? well does Nipper have high standards? I don't think so..promoting yellow journalism, drugs and drinking, child porn on the News-Press computer...all the DUI's from Team Wendy..and on and on..and the "water knowledge" thing is a total scam...the NP hasn't turned a profit yet and if Wendy were to sell, it would be a short sale!!

Nipper is in the spotlight because of Wendy McCuckoo.. it's the silliest thing and I would avoid any Carpinteria business that associates with the likes of Nipper or Wendy until they can be honest about the News-Press...

which will never happen...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the News-Press's "loyalty program," I was amused to see the latest slam against Lois Capps -- this time an editorial by Andy Caldwell -- actually featured on Peter Lance's Web site. Is the News-Press paying Lance to do this? Or is he just hoping to suck up some more free publicity for his career. He's shameless! No wonder he and Darryl Genis work so well together. No self-respecting journalist would put himself up for public ridicule in this fashion. WTF!?

Anonymous said...

Go Team Wendy!

Property rights said...

Don't know what the fuss is all about. After all, it's Wendy McCaw's newspaper and she can have the news reported any way she wants.

Anonymous said...

"Don't know what the fuss is all about. After all, it's Wendy McCaw's newspaper and she can have the news reported any way she wants.'

Then you, sir, are a fool. This is like saying, "It's Hitlers country, he can persecute people any way he wants." When a newspaper has the "news reported" to an owner's whim it is no longer delivering fact, but fiction. That is the entire point being this issue known as "journalistic ethics." It is slanted, biased, one-sided, meaningless journalism, which is what the News-Press now excels at. When the News-Press pastes the face of every latino in town on its front page for jaywalking, but runs fifty stories defending Wendy's friends, aka wealthy drunk drivers -- that what you think is fine for a newspaper to do? Yours is the argument of an moron, to put it lightly.