Tuesday, May 6, 2014

every breath you take

every move you make, I'll be watching you

now I always hear some idiot say it's Wendy's paper and she can do what she wants...well, that's not true, it's not Wendy's paper and she caint do whatever she wants...you see, Wendy extorted a huge sum of money from a rich guy via divorce settlement therefore this court does not recognize Wendy McCuckoo as the rightful owner of the News-Press...

ok so what it boils down to is Team Wendy vs Team Lois and how many people they have killed, maybe not directly, but otherwise via drug abuse (alcohol and heroin)

Team Lois killed Mallory Dies via Raymond Morua's drunk driving escapades and Team Wendy killed Nipper's son via an anything goes promiscuous drug culture/ bad parenting promoted by Nipper and Wendy...so they are tied insofar as killing folks go

of course Team Wendy is full of libertarians and conservatives and Team Lois is all liberals so we know what they are gonna say and write even before they say and write it!

and now we have some special propaganda from Team Wendy chief kissup Scott Steepleton telling us all about their awards because his wife Charlotte edits the LIFE section..nepotism right there...and it just creeps me out

and of course we know that Peter Lance won some Emmys for something... I read his nutty stuff and I don't know why he got a prize but if they keep giving awards to people who don't deserve them, it diminishes the ceremony..it's like too many safety cones on the street for too long a time..pretty soon you ignore or run over them!

awards don't matter when you're waiting at the Pearly Gates....who will be your witness, come your judgement day??


the News-Press informs that newspapers are the "last, best hope for an educated society"....WTF does that mean? newspapers are for entertainment, not education....and propaganda directed at the masses by the owner..and we all know how dumb Wendy is..so that statement is nonsense...

besides, the internet is all about freedom and education..if you can ferret through all the information available, you will find clarity...I remember back in the 1980s when PCs came out, I was fascinated with this new ability to get information on the internet without censorship, without somebody trying to hide things from me! it was a big power shift to the people! thanks Bill Gates and Steve Jobs...now that's an educated society!!!

newspapers are not clear and you have to wait a day before they issue corrections on their fuckups..and they are always a day behind with the stories!! and of course, they only print what they want you to see

so the point is WE THE PEOPLE educate the newspaper owners, they don't educate us!!

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Anonymous said...

The California Newspaper Publisher Association give out around 350 awards each year (making most of its money from entry fees and award banquets each year). The "educated" writing of the article fails to mention the News-Press and its shrunken circulation no longer competes with real newspapers like the Chronicle or LA Times or even the Ventura Star, but in a category specially reserved for newspapers serving a rapidly dwindling readership. And it only manages to take home four awards among the "Ugly Dog" competition. Next year the News-Press will be competing on "Dancing with the Former Stars" vying for a top prize in the one-legged competition. Drivel.