Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jesus gave love away for free

if you're traveling out west, and you see a dark haired girl

ok so we got some guy who crashed his rice-burner motorcycle in Carp..Noozhawk has the story and I must say "good job" Noozhawk! did I just say that? yes I did

anyway, this guy was allegedly DUI with an 8-year old boy as passenger..the kid's ok but the guy sustained some head injuries...then we see the drunk is a pastor at Reality Church in Carp!!

HOLY FUCK!! we got a porn pastor now we got a drunk pastor!!! Pastors..who needs ' stupid and irresponsible do you have to be to drive drunk on a motorcycle with a kid on the back???

of course I don't trust the Reality Church because it's another cult and any time I see a sticker on a car or a REALITY bus, I think to myself: Jesus, how did these people usurp your good name??

people drink and think they can do anything because alcohol reduces inhibitions temporarily...some people need booze as a substitute for courage...liquid courage..false courage...actually, it takes a weenie to get drunk and drive esp when you are getting a kid involved!! despicable!!!

but I see there are two guys trying to promote Beer Week in Santa from the alcohol-soaked Sentinel (published by Mr. Cocktail, Jim Buckley) and the other troll from the News-Press...I'm not surprised...I'll deal with them later

but I was surprised to see a story in the Independent praising a bartender in Santa Barbara..some dunce from Bulgaria who started drinking at 15 years old and likes scotch and cigars....the Indie is getting worse than the News-Press in pushing booze

so what is with all this alcohol promotion?? do they not get the connection? we are bombarded with ads saying in order to have fun and be sexy and cool, you need alcohol which is nonsense...

the coolest thing you can do is face the world clear-headed..and model that to kids....

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