Wednesday, October 7, 2015

was a sunny day

not a cloud was in the sky, not a negative word was heard

I went to the Goodland for some stuff....haven't been in awhile...what a nice sunny day in Goleta!

I head to Walgreens..frankly, I'm sick of CVS and Rite Aid in Carp..the checkout gals are weird and talkative...but Walgreens is great..everything I need, good prices and efficient checkout girl...I'll be back...the parking lot was lovely with trees and a species of eucalyptus I don't think I've seen before..healthy and gorgeous! and right next to Walgreens looks like a mosque is being built....praise Allah!!

so I head on over to the Magnolia Center for a haircut from my homeboys...Goleta is nice..simple, uncrowded, lots of open space and plenty of homes and place to live..gas is $2.93/gal....

and there's even a real pumpkin the mountain view can't be beat...I like it here in the Goodland

then I head into Santa Barbara and the trouble begins...the Castillo underpass is still wet after the new pavers were installed...maybe they should have pavered the whole freakin street!!

SB is crowded and touristy
Pretentious by the Sea..and there's another big ocean cruise liner...I thought the pupose of the USS Gridley's visit was to blow these Princess ships outta the water!

then I get some coffee and a paper and the News-Press is going after Chief Sanchez again, probably for Lucy's benefit..but first was a story about the union's complaints against the chief, then a story about the chief getting into an accident near Carpinteria on his way to LA to pick up his lovely daughter Victoria..Victoria was a KEYT reporter and she moved to Colorado...

but Scott seems to think that the chief got special treatment because three cops showed up at the accident scene..and one went to pick up Victoria..well yeah...her dad was in a serious don't tell her to take a cab home from LAX, you provide comfort to her!!

of course Scott is fucking crazy- a one-watt brain- and only writes these opinions for Wendy's sake..Wendy is Scott's mommy...but we know that ever since Travis Armstrong got busted for DUI, driving the wrong way up a one-way street..ever since the SB cops busted him, Wendy has held a grudge against the SB police dept, esp Cam Sanchez...Travis was Wendy's pet gay Indian but I don't know what that's got to do with drunk, you get busted if the cops catch you...

and living by the highway, I've seen many accidents from fender benders to injuries..they always send three or four cops, a fire engine and an ambulance if needed...that's normal..that's why we pay taxes for first responders to respond..naturally the bill should be sent to the accident causer

then of course the Peter Lance DUI fiasco and the Judge Brian Hill mistakes.. and the drugs going thru the News-Press is on the record..and the child porn on Wendy's computer (still waiting for justice)

the News-Press has been covering for drunks since day one..

I think it's about time they stop..Wendy Scott and should be ashamed of yourselves because I'm certainly ashamed of you...again

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