Tuesday, October 13, 2015

House of the Rising Sun

there is a house in New Orleans they call the rising sun

now the News-Press had two stories, one about Neil Young and one about the row houses on the highway in SB, calling them a "slum in the making"..

ok the News-Press says Neil overstayed his welcome at the Bowl...no he didn't..he played past the lame curfew...really, a curfew? wooo..30 minutes past curfew..wooooo

but I'm sure the concert was a blast...and the curfew thing..Neil's been doing it all summer getting fined $10000 in some places from Detroit to Saginaw..and who else but Neil would turn the curfew issue into part of his act..the dude is a true original

but what's up with the seeds thing...I heard it was related to invasive species hysteria from the native only cultists...but the drought has wiped out lots of native species so that proves they aren't necessarily suited for dry conditions..the euc, salt cedar, ice plant and fenel are dong fine by the way...and the Arizona Republicans that run the Botanic Garden are always trying to push native plants, dogs and beer...I'll check all this out later..the GMOs...may explain all these trans dudes
Neil's new album skewers Monsanto, Walmart and Starbucks which is fine by me...I hate all three and if Neil is on a tear then I wanna check it out or maybe he's just trying to impress Daryl Hannah...equally fine motivation..social conscience or love...

and hey what do Neil Young and Aretha Franklin have in common? Well, Neil wrote Mr. Soul for Otis Redding and Otis wrote RESPECT for Aretha...and Neil was one of the first artists to record for Motown!

now the other issue is the row houses by Highway 101..I don't know why people are putting up such a fuss over these...Scott Steeplton says this area is the entrance to Santa Barbara..no it's not, it's the highway and you may smell SB from the stench at the Bird Refuge!

I've said before these little houses are cool and not much different than the new row houses on Santa Claus Lane....so why isn't the News-Press complaining about those? what a bunch of snoberinos and a dig at people who don't have as much free money as Wendy!!

the row houses are obviously designed by prostitutes for travelers...a quick one on the way to San Jose...

I think they're  very cosmopolitan

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