Friday, October 9, 2015

Unknown Legend

she rides a Harley Davidson

well, I waited too long to get Neil Young tickets for the concert at the SB Bowl, and Neil is definitely a legend...but alot of Neil's fans are potheads, so maybe it's best I dint get tickets.. I want to see Neil do the songs, not get high from second-hand pot smoke!! plus it'll probably be 100 dgrees in SB Saturday night..but still, I don't want to hear about Monsanto, I wanna hear about Cinnamon Girl!!

I've seen some legends...Aretha, Brian Wilson, Ringo, Hillman, Frampton...but to try and pass off some of these local guys,these jingle writers as legends is the Granada, they  honored a guy named Barry DeVorson as a legend...he did write the vapid little ditty "It's Christmas Time Again in Santa Barbara" a puke inducing tune if I ever heard one plus it's knock-off of Merle Haggard's "Okie from Muskogee" which is a great song

but Devorson wrote some theme songs to SWAT and some soaps that only brain-dead people could watch...Soupy Sales is a legend, not Barry Devorzon..

now some folks (NEWS-PRESS) were complaining about tax money being used to aid SB Police Chief Cam Sanchez but that's nonsense...a bad use of taxpayer funds is illegal wars, bailing out private industry like banks and insurance companies, and corporate welfare...

sending a cop to get the chief's daughter Victoria at LAX after her mom, dad and husband were in a serious car accident is ok..not a problem..the right thing to do..using the cops to constantly babysit drunks in the SB bar that's a waste of taxpayer money

speaking of the News-Press, the Montecito Journal provided details of the Nipper's pop-up niteclub was horrendous..old saggy broads prancing around like they were 30 years old, old guys, Minutemen, like DeVorzon trying to cash in on a last bit of fame....and Nipper's pop-up had a place where they could go outside and smoke cigars...cigars???

the only time I would smoke a cigar is if I was in Cuba, at a real nightclub, with a sultry Cuban lady, drinking Cuban liquor....and pondering Hemingway

I mean if you're gonna do it, do it right

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Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago a teenage SBNP reporter called the eggmcmuffin "infamous".