Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coming Into Los Angeles

bringing in a couple of keys

Far out, man! I don't know if you can dig how many people there are, man...Like I was rapping to the fuzz...Can you dig it? New York State Thruway is closed, man! Lotta freaks....

so there was a traffic jam all day Friday on Highway 101 and Via Real in was that rain-propelled mudslide in the LA area, man...there was people and cars everywhere man.... I saw hippies, single gals, rich girls and all kindsa stop and get a burger in Carp!!

the Gormon area, I-5 highway..the Grapevine....the 46 and the 41...Lake Elizabeth

wow what sea of madness...I've never seen the traffic this backed-up...went out for a bike ride and even highway 192 up in the foothills was clogged

now the rain and sunsets have been spectacular...but the mudslide really was Lake Elizabeth, they had been ripping out nonative plants all along the burn areas and planting native plants but the fire burned right through, the natives didn't grow back, and the rains caused some flashed floods and mudslides

so if they had left the invasives, the natives and nonnative plants alone, the soil would be stable even after the fires...the roots would still remain!! the native cult loosened the soil and compounded the problems when the heavy rains fell!!!

now to the coyote.. I was watching KEYT and Beth was warning if you see the coyote, call the cops..but why? what are cops supposed to do, arrest it?? look folks, the coyote is eating rodents which will help keep the bluffs stable...afraid of a little coyote.. what a bunch of wusses!! leave the coyote ALONE!!!

and the weatherchick, Lake Mabrisa...her eyes are like big clear pools of water...geez what a doll! this lady really has it going on!

she's really far out, man!

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