Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Neon Rainbow

city lights, pretty lights

oil and water do not mix as we've seen....I had me a girl once she was like oil and I was like water...we tried but it just didn't work out...she just was more viscous than me...

I stood outside a few nights ago and saw the oil derricks lit up like neon rainbows, cars were on the highway using gas and oilin' them pistons.... the moon, Jupiter and Venus were out with the rest of us...what a nice summer night!

now I'm not surprised that the Refugio Oil spill made it down to Manhattan Beach...I told them it was the same oil...the channel current moves that water quick..Plains is still trying to blame seeps because some oil samples that were analysed allegedly indicted that...but as long the samples were representative,  the results implicate Plains Oil and they know it!! they were not "seeps"

so I'm reading the News-Press and see the guest Editorial by Andy Caldwell whining about anti-oil people again who stopped the oil trucks...hey says Andy, how do you think we get gas to the gas stations?? TRUCKS!!


now these oil guys just don't get it and Andy's editorial proved it..first he calls the Measure P folks "numbskulls"...a violation of the News-Press letters policy because it lacks a civil tone..hahah

then in his usual tortured English, Andy tries in vain to explain injection wells..."Injection wells are used by the oil indutry and sewage districts...when an oil company drills for oil, 90 percent of what comes to the surface is water mixed with oil. That is simply what is down that hole. Mother Nature, not the oil companies made it that way. These waters are ancient seawater and are saltier than our ocean"..."some sewage districts also inject brine water deep below the earth's surface" .. sewer districts near the ocean just dump their wastewater into the sea"

"that is simply what is down that hole"  huh???

wastewater from oil drilling operations and wastewater from sewage treament plants are two different things...sewage plants don't use deep injections wells and don't dump wastewater into the sea...treated wastewater called effluent is discharged via gravity to the ocean ..it needs to meet the water quality criteria set by the applicable state agency...treatment is a physical and biological process

reality: Deep injection wells are also called brine disposal wells, and are officially known as Class 2 underground injection wells. They can take any fluid related to oil and gas drilling, including frack waste water...Class 5 wells are shallow injection wells...kinda like cesspools or septic systems...

I don't want to go into a big long water science lecture because it would be over Andy's head....

like everything else

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