Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lazy Days

baby you and me...and the honey bee

so I went to Von's in Carp for some items and I see that Häagen-Dazs has taken I went in and said "hey how 'bout some free ice cream!!"

then one of the floor folks informed me that Vons was sold to Haggen, not Häagen-Dazs ...oh..ok...well it's the same place but everything is colored green and they give you green plastic bags!! and the flower girl had a super nice ass!!!

so I have traveled up and down the Riviera in SB many times..lived on Grant Ave for a's gorgeous up the roads and the hills...

and the houses..the old bungalows and huge country mansions...time has changed things a bit with modern architecture, but there's still some cool homes...

now the Franceschi House is a SB icon..Franceschi Park...rested a spell there a time or two...spent some lazy days there..sure did

over the years apparently, the city has allowed the Franceschi house to deteriorate and now they want to demolish it...what a bunch of lazy fucks!! and the Parks director Nancy Rapp..well thank God she's retiring soon because for the record... I DO NOT LIKE HER AND I DO NOT TRUST HER!!

and why has the city council given money over the years to nonprofits like Peoples Self Help Housing who always seem to need a handout??? how could the city be so stupid to let this FH fall into such disrepair... they are over-stating the problems and just want to tear it down for something modern..

the Franceschi house harkens back to a Santa Barbara when everyone wasn't so rigid or dull...the house is artistic, it's's Santa Barbara...what could they do with it?....a musuem, an independent Botanical Flower Garden..endless possiblities

would you knock down Stearn's Wharf? no!!

so I watched the city council meeting and some wanted to demolish the house and some wanted to save seems to be the major issue...but what about that horrible Carousel Park on Cabrillo blvd??? get rid of that crappy park and funnel the money where it belongs ..Franceschi Park!!

the Pearl Chase Society needs help from everybody.....if 50000 people gave $100, they'd have 5 million dollars to update the hard can that be??

save the Franceschi'll save your souls

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Anonymous said...

If you don't like Nancy Rapp wait til Jill Zachary takes over. She recruited volunteers to clear back country trails and two well-meaning young men were charged with starting a major forest fire. She dumped plant waste into the bird refuge and gave us the worst stench ever. She's aiming for director in a couple of weeks when Rapp retires.