Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

ok so I told you about my issues with Lucy and the MCA..all the hot air and fire and brimstone preaching about how only they and God can save Milpas St from itself...

so I went down there a few weeks ago and took some pics and it didn't look like the MCA or Lucy or even God had done as much as they say...I mentioned the old post office was a mess, needed painting and wondered why such influential peoples such as the MCA couldn't get the owner to paint his building.....private property owners need to take care of their property..PERIOD

so I went day trippin' downtown Tuesday and saw the Batmobile! cooool...Batman! Batman! Batman! (Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batman! Batman! Batman! Da da da da da da da da da ...! I ran back to my truck to get the camera and snapped a picture before Batman and Robin sped off up Milpas St...Holy PODER Batman!!


I went over to Milpas to check it see if since my last visit I lit a fire under Lucy and see if they could stop blaming Mexicans, the homeless and the gov't for everything, and break a sweat themselves once in awhile

I challenged Lucy the Milpas Community Association infidels to stop blowing smoke up my ass...well, I'm pleased to report that the old Milpas post office has since been painted!! see how influential I am??

and the News-Press needs to take some pride in their Milpas newsracks...disgusting!!!

Scott? Wendy?? Don?? Nipper??

and I see they are cramming more trendy wineries and breweries in the downtown area by Haley...I heard a rumor that Home Improvement will soon be a brewery, too... I saw a story in the Sentinel where Lucy writes her stuff..but the story is very strange..some ex-Westmont people have a vision for Haley St called "the Mill" because "there's too many Mexican restaurants" in the area!!

so let's get some racist white Christians in here??? I'll be poking around this area and have more later..but who doesn't love La Tolteca??

a brewery and winery on every corner is just..well it's just so Los Olivos..we need heroes to deal with this booze menace..

kapoww!! blam!! kapuuut!!

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