Monday, May 25, 2015


why you wanna give me the runaround???

now two of the biggest paid stooges for the oil industry- Andy Caldwell and Speedy Joe Armendariz- went straight to mommy/News-Press to cry foul over the oil spill outrage....instead of blaming their masters, they blamed..well..everyone else!!

and if Rush Limbaugh says that bacteria will clean up the spill at BP-Deepwater Horizon, then it must be so!

Moondoggie digs clean water to surf in! oil spill on the computer!!! so sorry

oh yeah I like seeing sea animals struggle to move after being hit with a big oil bomb from Texas...the sand covered with black gooey crud..

and yes I drive a truck but it doesn't mean I sanction oil spills and I don't drive drunk and crash into trees!! geez real men accept responsiblity for their actions and don't try to blame others..but we're dealing with Andy and Joe here...not exactly beacons of personal responsibility as they try to justify the oil spill..

the mess was HUGE!! there's no way to minimize or justify it or defend it...and when you have no regulatory authority, the private sector will cut corners to save money...very greedy folks!! so Andy and Joe sound like a couple of idiots defending pollution, as usual.....

and the funny thing is one of the Plains guys said the oil spill may have been a "third party attack"... same thing Mike stoker said about all of Greka's oil spills that the county responded to! dummies

the notion that a concentrated ton of of oil crude will be cleaned up naturally by bacteria is crazy.....people will clean the bulk of it up...the bacteria will break down certain elements of the oil, but they won't attack a big glob and magically clean it up..that's not how Nature works...

and I didn't see Andy or Joe down there at the beach cleaning up.. I saw some young guys and gals with red buckets scooping up the gloppy mess..I didn't see no bacteria!


double-walled pipe

now, if you substitute a nine mile oil slick with a nine mile sewage sludge slick from State St to Hollister Ave, you might have a different reaction from Andy and Joe..they would blame gov' they should.. but it's all natural right??

and that oil pipe line should have had a containment system..a double walled pipe... then the spill could have been captured ....but Plains just didn't give a shit and let the public discover the oil leak..then they appear before the cameras and tell us about their environmental excellence programs...geez

so put these people on the defensive to defend the defenseless...they more they talk the less sense they make...

it's real simple boys..a giant oil spill by an oil company is unacceptable..and the Plains All American nitwits deserve the harshest criticism...there is no comparison between natural oil seeps (they are called seeps for a reason!) and careless spills by humans...the pollution from spills effects linger long after due to the concentrated mess...

if you have a record of irresponsible operations, you don't do business in California...period.. exclamation point

so why did we invade Iraq... for oil???


Anonymous said...

How about if you have a record of irresponsible opinions you shouldn't run a newspaper? What's with this chickenshit title of "Guest Opinion?" that the Santa Barbara News-Press puts over Andy Caldwell's column. He's been the head opinion writer for .. how long? Years? Yet, his columns are "Guest." It that supposed to distance his idiocy from representing the paper? Doesn't he also appear as a staple of Wendy's Radio station. Or is he "guest" regular talk show host? Is that like Mike Wallace was "guest reporter" for "Sixty Minutes" after 40 years? The News-Mess is always using these sneaky little dodges to avoid anyone actually being accountable. Just who is the editor of the paper? Doesn't it have one? The "Director of News Operations," Don Katich, is listed as top dog, but is he afraid to take responsibility as editor and hides under another title? Maybe he is "Guest Editor?" Talk about not owning up to responsibility -- Wendy McCaw is the "Guest Owner?" Maybe the Santa Barbara News-Press is just the city's "Guest Newspaper" which would explain why it reads like an weirdo letters to the editor writer at work.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call McCaw irresponsible. Maybe "incompetent" is a better word. Who else in these days of dwindling newspapers -- -- keeps theirs running AT A LOSS? The News-Press has lost millions over the last eight years and yet McCaw continues to employ four times the staff she needs. She should, like everyone else, focus on the Web, which she could run with a staff of 10. Yet she pays the needless salaries of middle managers who do nothing but walk around the plaza smoking cigarettes, HR people who run out for three hour lunches whenever she's not around, IT department managers who couldn't run a laptop and editors who know nothing about newspapers and hire friends who spend the day drinking at the golf course. No, McCaw isn't irresponsible, she's incompetent and is going to run herself broke hoping that the paper will turn around when it won't. It's a dinosaur that's extinct -- and wait, turn it into oil!