Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dixie Chicken

If you'll be my dixie chicken, I'll be your Tennessee lamb

so I started off the Bigfoot thing as a lark, but soon discovered it was no larking may think I'm full of malarky, but as I went out to commune with Nature I found more evidence of Bigfoot....yet another broken tree!! and some spooky sounds

this was on a trail and the branch was up there about 12 ft I can only assume that the Coastal Bigfoot hangs out in the wooded Summerland area and swims to Anacapa Island for a fox lunch occasionally

then I heard the sounds of a giant animal coughing up in the scared the shit outta me so I ran back to the truck and got my hatchet just in case.. I was able to record the sound but unable to see the was ambling across the was coughing from Lillie's to Ellen's....

are these just coincidences or ??? or something else..sumthing bigger than you or me

and while I was wandering around I got evidence of red finches using purple thistle seeds for their nests...the finches are very fast and it's easier to photograph a dragonfly..but lucky for me I got three finches working the purple thistle....picking out the soft silky was will never see photos like this ever anywhere

Courting males sing softly while hopping and fluffing feathers in front of the female, often holding a twig or grass stem in the beak. If things go well, the next step is a short flight about one foot straight up, followed by drooping the wings and pointing his beak to the sky. Mating may follow

another example of native finches using non-native thistle for food and nests...native and non-native are just  labels some people misuse to denude the hillsides and kill animals....these flowers and birds need each other

but I got a and Bigfoot will correct these mistakes made by the native cult...we will restore Nature back to her balance, not man's balance...if Nature wants the hills full of delightful licorice-scented fennel, so be it...
 and once I gain Bigfoot's trust, I will put my plan into action..

and you folks up at the Botanic Garden eating your cheese and sipping your wine, gushing over your little native plants...

well, a coupla big hairy angry apes are about to pay you a visit

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