Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Brain Damage

the lunatic is on the grass....

the divorce laws must change..there is simply no reason Wendy should have walked off with millions of dollars from her divorce..none whatsoever

ok so I'm surfing and I stumble upon the Mr. Wimpy Show and he had Scott "No-Neck" Steepleton on!! geez, Scott look like he's aged 50 years since I last saw him at the court house..and his fingers were all skinny and weird, like he's never done any real work in his must be tough living up Wendy's ass

City Boy

ohmygosh...I couldn't believe it...these guys are so full of shit I had to flush my TV....these lyin' little clueless weasels were pathetic!!

first of all, they talked about PODER and had so many errors and strange interpretation of events of the protest day in January....the protest was of the racist News-Press..not free speech

some statements need correction


subscriptions UP claims Mr. Wimpy?? correction: no they are down

PODER charged money for brochures they were handing out, says Scott? correction: I didn't see that..

PODER harassed the pro News-Press racists..says Mr .Wimpy ....correction: of course not..didn't see any of that..saw lots of proNPers screaming at the grass about illegals

then Mr. Wimpy tells Scott that the News-Press had to sue to get Cathy Murrillo's emails.. Scott corrected was simply a public records request, not a lawsuit, Mr Dummy

Mr .Wimpy made so many other misstatements it was funny..he looked hung over as usual...the dude struggles to finish a what a dunce!

ok, so I guess FOX News stopped calling Scott  for interviews so he has to resort to the Mr. Wimpy Show
watching these two bozos try to interject their twisted logic into themes like free speech, immigration, and donuts is torture..this guys are just so stupid it defies..LOGIC!!

anyway, Scott says he will continue to use "illegals" as I've said before, the NP problem was labeling people on the front page "illegals" without any evidence whatsoever of any wrong doing..the fact is they were at the DMV and were Latino...and the News-Press concluded they were "illegals"....that my amigos is RACIST and a direct violation of the News-Press's own letters- to the- editor policy!!

then Mr. Wimpy asked Scott why the Peter Lance thing took so long..why so many stories in the News-Press.... Scott tried in vain to defend the News-Press and Lance saying Peter was "wronged" by the gov't! and Scott says you "gotta bring it" and fight when the gov't goes after you with unlimited resources..huh?? Lance got pulled over for DUI, cried and ran to the News-Press, wrote a bunch of lies about the cops and got set free by Judge Brian Hill....Hill claims Lance was stopped on New Year's Eve unconstitutionally...of course that's bullshit which is why Hill won't hear any more DUI cases..he is an incompetent judge outwitted by Darryl Genis!!

and part of the reason Lance is so long-winded is he goes on these wild goose chases disguised as investigative journalism!

so Mr. Wimpy and Scott just went on and on about the big bad evil gov't to please Wendy no doubt....

and they talked about free speech...hmmm.. I wonder why Wendy doesn't have an uncensored comments section for like other online news-mags

because  she's  afraid of free speech, obviously


Anonymous said...

So it this the great author of the ILLEGALS headline. No wonder, he looks like a weasel-eyed Colonel Sanders!

Anonymous said...

Actually watched the entire show. Instead of Worthen One on One, it should be renamed Worthen Worthen on Worthen.

Redheads Rule said...

Wow! I could put on a better show than Worthen. But you know that already, Mick.