Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oye Como Va

Oye como va mi ritmo Bueno pa' gozar, mulata Oye como va ...

Cinco De Mayo! Free From The Tyranny of Racist Wendy!!

things are getting so bad at the News-Press, they are printing shadowy silhouette figures instead of real people in the Out and About section, begging the readers to send in info on interesting people..real people...there are none in the weepy world of Team Wendy..Even KTYD had to give the News-Press a plug this morning..May 5th..what's up with that??? how about a little independence, KTIDE!!

the News-Press cannot be trusted!! 15000 subscribers...hmmmm..that means EDHAT has more subscribers than the News-Press..so much for the "illegals" headline supposedly adding more subs, eh Wendy

but the questions remain: is the News-Press real?? and WTF is a yeast infection??

I also noticed that the News-Press had a leg-spread in the SALON section with some half-naked chicks..one gal was tatooed and kinda ..well...ugly! not surprising-the page is edited by Scott Steepleton's wife, Charlotte Boechler...butt... I decided to drive into Santa Barbara and hangout at the Women's Public bathroom for awhile

I like it there..it's very beautiful!

then I looked out at the harbor area and I see a military boat harassing some sailboats...hmmm..didn't we learn our lesson boys?

then I see some big waves ...bigger ones are predicted thru Tuesday...

then I see what I came for..some near-naked lovely women prancing and posing at the beach..

and no tatoos hiding the skin..just  flesh...I'd like to spread some Cinco De Mayonaisse on her boobs!!


Anonymous said...

IIRC, the "Out and About" column was always where members of the Santa Barbara community posted about their promotions and achievements. Perhaps all the paper's missteps have made appearing on its pages an unattractive option. Certainly, the paper's right leanings have made it less attractive as a publication to many I know. It has overstepped the boundaries many times over the last few years. I have no problem with Wendy McCaw funding the newspaper, she owes it to the community to keep it coming out since, I think, she made a few mistakes after acquiring ownership. But I hope she will continue to print it until she returns it to a quality state. I feel less enthused for the current editor, Donald Katich, who has adopted a sensationalist approach to its coverage and has shaped the paper into a lopsided affair. I am not fond of the fear-mongering television news coverage it seems to ape. Its chief writer, Scott Stepton, and his sometimes silly stories that seem nothing more than a foray into yellow journalism also has lessened the paper's value, IMO. I hope McCaw will see this approach is making the News Press come off as hackneyed and amateurish. I would continue to subscribe to the paper if I saw real change in temperament and content. Over the recent hubbub about employing the term illegals, I can't fathom why a simple apology wasn't made rather than allowing the affair to spiral down into shouting and protesting. Is that really the approach of a professional new company? I hope that the publisher will make some real changes to the paper soon to put it back on track.

Anonymous said...

"Your picture here"

Ha ha ha. That's pretty funny. It should read: "Our staff is so bad we can't come up with enough content to fill our puny 8-page paper" or "Now Hiring -- Anyone who knows how to write a story. PLEASE!"

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

That paper is certainly mismanaged. It's done nothing but make choices to aggravate readers and cheat them of a respectable paper. I read that Wendy McCaw went to Stanford. It's hard to believe that someone with that kind of education could be making such poor editorial decisions. She shut it down for a month and start fresh. Right now, it's a poisoned property.