Wednesday, May 6, 2015

East Of Ginger Trees

Go east of your dream and farm. Let peace and silence spin your yarn. What harm can befall thee in yon wilderness of clove? Go on east of ginger trees

now, I was mistaken about Westmont College being overtaken by rightwing zealots......there's a larger group of students that are quite normal and just trying to live a good life and get an I'm glad Westmont is ok...overall

but there's a small faction of very confused conservative-bred kids called Young Americans for Freedom and they are the ones being overtaken by rightwing zealots..

a few searches and I find the nonprofit (give give give) Young Miss America Foundation and affiliates hosted the David Horowitz anti-Muslim propaganda thing at Westmont College...I thought it was Friday but apparently it already happened...Horowitz talks a game about bad Islam but never mentions the dangers of radical Christians who've killed so many in America...bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors and nurses..killing their family members...maybe later

the Young Americans for Freedom will concentrate on radical Islam and the threat to America..well I don't think the terrorists will find you up in God's country by Lotus Land, but I went up to Westmont just to test the security system... I went in quite God, what a cool campus! you guys are lucky to attend such a school

now look you YAF are being had..Horowitz is all about fear and not education...

the Horowitz event was free...nobody would pay to see him..he walks with a cane now...but I bet the conservative parents paid him to speak...I bet even Wendy chipped in

the YAF complained that Westmont was trying to censor them and that the campus was "overly liberal"...a YAF student named Amy Lutz...soon to be a member of the Young Miss America Foundation

"Horowitz spoke at length about the importance of campus groups like YAF, which provide a conservative voice on overwhelmingly liberal campuses, like Westmont College. He also discussed the importance of defending Israel and the dangers of Islamic extremism. The crowd was generally receptive; interrupting the presentation with applause multiple times.

The Westmont College administration, and portions of its student body, however, was not so receptive of Horowitz's presence on campus. Earlier in the week, the posters Westmont YAF used to promote the event were either torn down or vandalized. Some students complained that the speech would be "too offensive" and should not be allowed."

others responded: The only thing "overwhelmingly liberal" about Westmont College is that it is a liberal arts institute. Ms. Lutz, until you have been a student at Westmont, please leave your ignorant "only half the story" comments to yourself. They are simply untrue, and I am saddened that you think it is your place to say such a thing. It is certainly not. Vandalism, as you call it, refers to students writing such things as "Context?" and "Love Others. - Jesus." on the posters. There are dangers in any form of extremism; it is not solely for Islam. Christianity taken to the extreme has posed some serious threats. We cannot forget our history. Please, before writing such an uninformed piece, next time do your research, know what you are talking about, and don't claim to know things that you, a graduate of SLU, simply have no understanding of. You have done your own vandalism on the reputation of Westmont College, a prestigious Christian college founded on Biblical truths and, more importantly, Christ's love for ALL people.

the campus club the Little Republicans hosted the event, not the Westmont College Administration..and the students are at odds with each other over the politics in this social theater

and I think they will figure it all out..east of ginger trees

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