Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Moon of Kentucky

keep on shinin'


I was at Haggen's yesterday in Carp and it was wonderful! I was the only one there and the aisles were clear and the floor smooth as ice....if I had skates it'd be like  I was in Aspen!! or Kentucky!!

there were two checkout gals...hold-overs from Vons so I went to the old blonde chick and she's gabbing with her friend about health food not being so healthy..she's totally ignorng me while she runs the items by...I bag them myself since the retards are gone...well it's not as easy as I thought and there's a lot of pressure because damn sure the checker gal ain't gonna bag 'em because she's still chitter-chattering with her I pay and the bitches are still babbling then the check out lady to her friend says I must be going to a fire being that I was in a huury! ie they made fun of me..I felt sorta like a retard!

WTF kind of customer service is that from these old hags???

at least at Albertson's they pretend to be polite even though I know the girls hate me..but shit I'm paying so I should get a little sugar...check out gals are like prostitutes..some good and some bad..and I'm interested in the bad ones.HAHAHAAHAAH!!

now I don't think Haggen is a bad store but the management is horrible...first of all they got TWO CEOs//Bill Shaner and John Clougher and I imagine they make lots of's a Pacific NW chain that wants the southern California market....well if they want the market here they need to get with the vibe...Scolari's had it...Santa Cruz market has it...

be cool..don't be all.. like uncool

these foodies are really starting to annoy me...

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