Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sugar Shack

You can understand why I've got to get back
To that sugar shack, whoa baby
To that sugar shack


the guest mouthpiece at the News-Press, C. Andrew Caldwell, says he used to be a "safety manager" at a sugar must be true because he got Wendy as a sugar mama and now I see one of Andy's sugar daddies died..Cowboy Willy Chamberlin up in the valley..Willy was a failed supervisor and had an odd boner for former supes Gail Marshall and Susan Rose...Willy and Andy dubbed them the "Twisted Sisters" because the ladies had more power than Andy or Willy...both dudes were always trying to dictate policy from the cheap seats (public comment)..imagine that, grown men calling county supervisors names because they don't agree with their immature!

now I saw old Willy boy once at a Fiesta Rodeo and he was bent and skinny, like an old mule...and he leased land to Greka Oil at one time..then I heard he wanted to lease some land for a Woodstock type celebration.. I guess he got a little hippie in him...Cosmic Cowboy...

Andy was Willy's big dumb sock puppet..what ever Willy told Andy to say, he said it..the problem is the hicks in the valley are poor politicians..gotta be savvy, even with the cowboy personna

well I guess Gail and Suze get the last laugh..

speaking of oil, there's another slick off shore's a sheen similar to the Summerland sheen but alot bigger....hmmmm

and the dentist who shot the big beautiful lion Cecil for a trophy...not a reason to kill anything but the idiot dentist shot the big cat with a bow and arrow, tracked him for 40 minutes, then shot him with a gun and cut his head off....

I'm speechless

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Anonymous said...

Willy was ahead of his original founding instigator of the teabaggers.