Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Time Alone

Oh, the grace that true love holds / When hearts grow weary for time alone
I have a special place in my heart for child abusers...I hate them...death penalty for child abuse and will gladly perform the execution

the fat piggish Minuteman chick Shawna Forde who killed 9 year old Brisenia Flores..the News-Press as we know is friends with the Minutemen....the child killers and child molestors

the latest child killer is some moron named Robert Leroy Wilson ...the kid from Goleta, Jack Garcia was beaten to death by the mom's boyfriend...aided and abetted by the mom's brother..all this is allegedly

but the fact is Jack is dead..the poor kid was being cared for by monsters who cared not a bit for him..this is inconceivable to me...I thank the folks who cared for me when I was a kid...I never once feared them...mostly, they spoiled me a little and were always loving...we fought yeah, but just the normal stuff...

I saw some of the stories and pictures..there were vigils held in Maryland....Santa Barbara held a vigil for Davey the Dog, but not for Jack the kid.....although I'm not surprised given the old dog women who populate since Wendy moved here...

the story of Davey the dog was bad but the story of Jack the kid is unfathomable


Nine-year-old boy beaten to death by mother and uncle for 'stealing a birthday cake' had been 'handcuffed every day for up to three hours a day in the week leading up to fatal assault'
Doctor found Jack Garcia's head injuries and extensive bruising came from numerous beatings and were consistent with torture, police said
The boy's mother Oriana Garcia and his uncle Jacob Barajas are facing second-degree murder and first-degree child-abuse charges
Garcia's boyfriend Robert Leroy Wilson is being held on assault and child-abuse charges
Garcia and Barajas told investigators Wilson inflicted the fatal injuries after Barajas had handcuffed Jack because he was suspected of stealing a cake

quick justice for Jack..fry these punks

By Associated Press and Dailymail.com Reporters

so there it is....three idiots killed a Goleta kid for no reason.....people who were supposed to love and protect him instead tortured and killed him...

RIP Jack


Anonymous said...

RIP Jack. Hopefully, the legal system will make your monsters pay for what they've done -- and prevent them from harming anyone else. The people who turned out for the puppy Davey hope authorities will act to prevent people with sociopathic tendencies from becoming like the monsters who killed Jack.

Anonymous said...

that dog was burned repeatedly including cooking off his penis and skin and raped with that grill lighter for weeks broken bones and spine and legs and teeth and raped. you are going to say that the dog was not worse than the kid? the sick monster that did this to the dog is the kind of sick monster that kills children. so you pass laws so they dont do either. any more of your shit comments on here about the puppy davey was not a big deal lets meet for coffee I will be happy to show you the photos of what he did to this dog who suffered for months SUFFERED and if you still are that callous get out of my town leave for good.

Anonymous said...

you move from my state for good, douchebully. dogs are not equal to people. i love dogs and people, but i don't like you. `my town'? you're the fucking mayor of asslandia, pop. 1. you compared the death of a dog to that of a child, concluding that the death of any dog in any manner is worse than the murder of a child is twisted. and for that you are and will always be pure dogshit.