Sunday, July 19, 2015

Who'll Stop the Rain

long as I remember, rain been coming down

so Hurricane Dolores has brought us awesome thunder and lightning..and July..a nice summer rain...a sweet summer rain..oh how I love a sweet summer rain

Lucia and Georgette with Mystery Man
hmmm...that skinny tuxedo looks awful familiar!

I heard a rumor about a certain investigative journalist called only the "Monster"'s a rumor mind you..but say for a moment I pursued that rumor, what would I find? a gay son who hates his dad? chronic drunk driving? another book of vengence? porn and sex and'll see..we'll see about the monster

meanwhile the New York Social Scene has popped up in a dream and I see a gal named Lucia  who does Goddess CDs.. I don't know why she was in my dream...and some other chick who owns a perfume empire, Georgette appears naked with Lucia...they are in bathtub making out with each other...the Monster appears briefly...I woke up in a cold sweeat..but if I break this story, this dream, this rumor, it will knock Santa Barbara high society on its ass!!!

hey smoking in Carp!!

Georgette was a former campaign manager for Sen John McCain's presidential run in 2000...
now will all the racists who cheered Donald Trump's claims about Mexican immigrants being rapists, will those folks cheer the Donald's claim that Vietnam vet Sen John McCain is not a war hero because he was captured...did McCain surrender to the enemy like he surrended to the rightwing Teabaggers and Sarah Palin..then he started to moderate a bit when the teabaggers exposed themselves as nutballs...

then I hear more sirens and see another accident on Highway 101 right close to Friday's crash..some old folks wandering around and some blonde chick lookylike Daisy Mae...

I don't know what's going on..

but it seems everybody is drunk on something!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, do tell, do tell! Would this be a tale of two hustlers latching themselves onto rich women?