Sunday, July 26, 2015

Train in Vain

Well some things you can explain away...

ok, I see Scott Creepleton's story on the porn professor again wherein he injects his own opinions..totally yellow and biased... Wendy fired duct tape reporters for this same conduct ...mainly because they didn't show rightwing bias! geez Wendy what a low will you stoop to scavenge up a few dead readers???

so the case was the sentencing of Mireille Miller-Young  for bitchslapping the short Jesus gals...I wish she would've clocked them hard enough to knock some sense into their empty little heads..and the mom..the Jesus freak lawyer mom, Mother Short,  is using her daughters for anti-abortion propaganda...

well the Jesus gals harassed a pregnant woman.... where's the trial for that??

beleaguered Judge Brian Hill gave Mirielle some time to explore her temper issues which as we know are not the issue.. I swear to God the Santa Barbara justice system is very dysfunctional..way too slow..justice delayed is justice denied, right Bri???

with a few exceptions like Judge Donna Geck.. I like her..she seems smart unlike Brian Hill who looks like a dummy

Mike vs Wendy
ok so now we got Wendy vs ex-employee Mike Eliason...wrongful termination case..Mike complained about Wendy's mold issues and Wendy fired him...what a douchebag Wendy is!!

"Plaintiff claims that after he was terminated, McCaw and Katich told at least four businesses in the Santa Barbara area that plaintiff had been fired and not to hire him. Plaintiff’s first amended complaint ("FAC"), filed on June 12, 2015, alleges causes of action for (1) violation of Labor Code Section 1102.5, (2) violation of Labor Code Section 6310, (3) wrongful termination in violation of public policy, (4) intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, and (5) negligent interference with prospective economic advantage."

and Judge Geck has issued a tentative ruling because Wendy has been tossing subpoenas around like frisbees..she wants info from the police, Noozhawk and any and all of Eliason's work history and medical records and on and on...well Judge Geck took some of those subpoena frisbees and tossed them right back at Wendy....the judge squashed them

"discovery" is the issue....what can Wendy look at without invading privacy..well Team Wendy has a history of trying to throw as much mud at the wall to see what will stick..Peter Lance's series in the News-Press did that..what a monster Peter is!!!

but Judge Geck denied Wendy's big subpoenas and modified order for Wendy to win the wrongful termination suit, she needs to scrape up some bad stuff about Eliason....

but I think the case favors Mike and the payout could be big

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Anonymous said...

So not only do they fire Michael Eliason for illegitimate reasons, then they go around bad mouthing him to prospective employers when he's trying to survive? That just shows the kind of fucking assholes the people running the News-Press place are. This is as awful as the first round of firing and attempts at destroying others lives that happened ten years ago. The lowest of the low work at the News-Press. I've thought of re-subscribing, but I will never do that. Maybe another round of cancellations will help those creeps learn a lesson. Any decent-mind person in Santa Barbara should immediately cancel their subscription to that paper.